Is Our Medical Community And Maybe Even Our Country MAD?

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    I often ask myself, am I mad and crazy ?...or is it our medical society and maybe even our entire country that is mad and crazy.

    To suffer as much as I am and have for the last year and a half after never feeling anything close to this torture for the first 54 years of my life, and to have so many doctors telling me what I am feeling isn't that bad or is more from simple depression and an anxiety mental state than from real physical can't help but ask yourself this question more and more.

    One thing I know for sure, "something" is crazy here.

    In the last week I was kicked out of 2 ER's !

    Peppergirls just posted a crying out message saying this whole experience is just freaking "unbelievable"... and that is exactly what I want to say and SCREAM all the time!

    It is a living truly truly is. And what makes the nightmare even worse, is that except for people like us and on this board...
    people in the real world and the medical community of this great caring compassionate country of ours don't want to hear or "believe" that we are "that" ill and hurting and disabled and being tortured every day of our lives!

    I mean TORTURED!

    I had no clue 1 and 1/2 years ago about immune system collapses and diseases! NONE !

    I could not imagine that a person's body could feel so bad in so many ways every day...and the doctors can't tell you what this is ???? AAAGGGHHHH!!! Talk about a nightmare within a nightmare!

    And I swear, they ( doctors and the medical community-hospitals, ER's, clinics, etc ) have convinced themselves that we can't be in this much pain and feeling this sick and weird and everything else, or we couldn't drive around, get up and walk, come to their offices, etc.

    I have news for them. There are so many times when I feel I may not make it to or through any of these activities. And I often feel as if I am about to keel over, pass out or have a panic attack when I do go to these. And I do them all in definite pain.

    But I don't tell the nurse or doctor this anymore. I learned my lesson. I learned to not say it all ( the whole body thing ) during my visits. When I did I upset the doctors and got treated like a nutcase with prescriptions for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs.

    And there are MANY TIMES I DON'T make it to or through these activities. But they don't know this. You know why?

    Because I don't call them every time I can't make it to or through these and when I am in a fetal position in bed and I lay there suffering and praying all day.

    They don't KNOW how much we are TOTALLY disabled so bad and often, that the only way we could come to their office that day is on a stretcher.

    Then if we did, then maybe, just maybe they might believe we are being tortured as much as we say we are and we aren't exaggerating, and they MIGHT send us to better staffed and equipped facilities, even if it means Harvard Med school or the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins!

    This last week I had my wife drop me off at 2 ER's as I was being so tortured with pain in so many areas and weak and nauseous and feeling like my nerve system was being electrically shocked and this tensed up my entire body and muscles so much ( yes, like being electrocuted ) that it raised my blood pressure, cut off my circulation to my head to where I felt dizzy, off balance and like fainting.

    When I checked into these ER's they "insisted" I give them one main cause for coming in there...and when I did that's what they wrote down and that's what they addressed. When I tried to tell them that my entire body felt like it was under attack ( an immune system collapse does exactly this ) they just stared at me in silence with a look like I should be in the psyche ward.

    I was talked to like a child. The first visit they said they wanted me to take morphine. I said I couldn't because the first and only time they gave me this a couple of months ago, it felt like my head was going to explode and I got so nauseous .

    So they gave me something called delauded?

    Oh My God ! This hit me worse than the morphine! I shook like a fish on a boat deck for minutes and cried out. My head again felt like it was going to explode. The pain was unbelievable. My face skin felt like it was on fire. My entire nerve system felt shocked and sick. I shook and called out and the nurse got irritated and said " calm down. " and walked out of the room. I got real nauseous again and this lasted until the next day. Since then I have felt 50% worse than before.

    I have a strong feeling that my nerve system IS DAMAGED and that this would explain why these two powerful pain drugs affected me so much stronger and painfully than a normal person. I believe my nerve system is on hyper-alert due to this damage. I feel everything 3 times stronger than normal. Temperature extremes, stomach pains, muscle pains, etc.

    But run this by the ER and they just stand there, say nothing, and move on to the next patient. I am sure they circle their ears after they leave your room and go back to their station or to the next patient.

    I beg to be admitted for a complete evaluation, but never once have I ever been admitted to a hospital through all this except the time I fainted and had a 3 and 1/2 second pause in my heart beat. That was from the brady cardia I had developed for the first time in my life and maybe from losing 40 lbs in 3 months from not being able to eat!

    The second time I went back to another ER two days later last Wednesday, as I again felt like every part of my body was failing. Things were bad all over, but specifically my GERD, hiatal hernia and gastritis upper intestinal area problems were in so much pain I was literally crying. And I was tremoring and shaking and my legs could barely hold me up as the rest of my body crashes when any other single part goes into a crisis.

    They had me drink a mylanta, lidocaine milkshake and took my blood and urine and came in after 1 or 2 hours and said I had to go home and see my family doctor.

    I tried to explain the entire explosion of pain, weakness and failings of all the rest of my body and they simply ignored me. Off I shuffled to my crying wife who can't take any more of this herself.

    Tonight I contemplated how I feel through out my body.

    I have tendinitis, gastro problems in upper, middle and lower intestines. I have a screwed up digestive system, I feel nauseous and no appetite most of the time, I have a torn rotator cuff in right shoulder, compressed discs C-6 and C-7, a fractured vertebrae L-1 posterior, I have bronchial asthma that is sore, makes me cough and exhaust me, I have sinusitis, and scaring in my left lung, I have nerve twiches and pain and prickly feeling through out the inside and outside of my body. Even my penis and bladder and even my anal area get these sharp twinges and when this happens I get a prickly feeling somewhere else on my body.
    My feet get these sharp twinges and pains too and same thing, some other part of my my feels these prickles.

    My bladder feels weak and odd. My stools are so unpredictable. I have a Vitamin B-12 deficiency ( in the 100 range ) and how long has this been going on? Could I have pernicuous anemia? I have super low testosterone levels. Whats this doing to me? And of COURSE I have deep depression, unbelievable anxiety and lots of plain old FEAR! Fear of dying. All the time!

    All of these things have been diagnosed in just the last 6 to 10 months.

    The first 54 years of my life I was fine. I never ever went to hospitals like this and cried amd fought with the staff about my feeling so sick I could die versus them saying to just take atavan and go home.

    I am so depressed from not only my body failing me and feeling so exhausted, discouraged, hopeless and sore and tense and sick and fainty and nerve pins and pricks and on top of all this, is this almost science fiction horror movie awareness that there is no one out there to go and tell this too who will believe me in the medical community ! Is this world or our country MAD ?

    I dream of hitting the lotto and I would go to some other country like England and tell them what has happened to me. And I would hope and pray that they would take me seriously and do more to try to find out what is happening to me and to try to fix it .

    I wish the same for all of us.

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    Oh dear person. I had to write to you & tell you to hang in there & keep going. I almost died these last 2 years. I have been sick with this horrible illness for 25 years at least. I was one of the original patients in California & I still have the news article from the LA Times calling it Epstein Barr in 1985.
    I was close to where you are at in June of 2006. I had been poisoned in a government disabilty apartment by toxic mold for years without knowing it. I was in a bad relationship & he threw me out in the street after 4 years of me helping him through a divorce & getting financially on his feet again.
    I am permanently disabled & living on SSI now. I went through the month of June having to fly out my sister from Pennsylvania to Missouri to keep me from dying. I was in the ER 5 times & was so sick with IBS & anxiety that I almost died. I couldn't keep food in my body. I lost 12 lbs in 1 month.
    I was too weak to sit up & my boyfriend of almost 4 years just stopped caring if I lived or died. He said I was no fun anymore.
    I have lost everything but my spirit to this illness & I pray every day for a winning powerball ticket or even a caring doctor. I flew my sister out to Missouri again in October & I moved back to Arizona in October 2006 when he threw me out in the street. I have been overwhelmed with what I have had to go through. I have not been homeless but I have been close. I have slept on alot of floors.
    It took me months to get on medicaid & foodstamps out here & the medical is even worse here than it was in Missouri. I left Missouri because I could get little help there either & the cold was killing me.
    It is exactly like you said, they immediatly try to give me pain medicine, anti-anxiety medicine & anti-depressants. They say I should not even be on disabilty even though I can barely sit up with infection in my lungs, shooting pains in my leg & foot, migraines, IBS, hemmorhoids, anxiety problems, sensitivity to light & sounds & depression. I could go on & on & on. I wonder why I am depressed. My frineds & family have all deserted me except for my sister. Thank God I have her or I really don't think I would mentally survive. She lives in Pennsylvania though & her husband is paralyzed 20 hours a day with Parkinsons disease. Why do some people have such a challanging life. I don't know.
    They tell ME & people on SSI to live on $623.00 a month & basically crawl off & die. There is nothing wrong with you except that you are crazy. They sent me AGAIN to a phyciatrist & the zoloft actually seemed to make my diarrhea worse. The levsin they gave me at the ER made me have a heart arryhtimia that lasted 45 minutes for which they tried to give me heart meds. I wore a holter monitor for a month & yes I have an arrythmia but all they could offer were drugs.
    These doctors are in bed with the drug companies & medical companies & they are not trying to get you well. They are invested in you staying sick. Not until we stop putting up with the horrible medical care in this country will we ever reform the corrupt & bankrupting system.

    Everything that helps me... nobody will pay for. I need hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins, I need weekly massage, I need weekly chiropractic care, I need accupuncture & I need good nutrition & I need low stress.
    Try living on 623.00 a month & knowing that money is what stands between you & getting some semblance of your life back. I was almost well one time in 1995 & it was due to spending all my money on alternative care but as soon as the money ran out so did my health. I will pray for you. Start meditation & prayer. If you belive in God, he is all that keeps me going. I pray that someday somebody with some money will put the research into this illness that it deserves but in the meantime, try & breathe & pray without ceasing. Get on here & vent vent vent until you feel like you are heard. I hear you & you matter to me!
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    JoeB and others. There truly are some wonderful doctors out there that will NOT make you feel like you are crazy when you visit them and are eager to help you. I can't speak for them all but I know I have had a great doctor for the past 20 years. Yes I know I'm not 100% healthy as this condition is always something that waxes and wanes but he has helped keep my head above the water with the newest tried methods, supplements and medications possible. When I get bad flare ups which don't happen too often anymore all I need to do is call and he will adjust my allergy shots, consider any other alternative measures, tests, supplements you name it to make me more comfortable. I cannot stress enough the need for you to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with and can trust. Joe I understand you are having reactions to many medications. I'm the same way. Please realize many of your problems can be related to allergies of many kinds. The American Academy of Environmental Illness deals with exactly all of the symptons you describe. They are very on top of the latest developements in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, candida, allergy, chemical sensitivities and so forth. Please find a doctor in your area to discuss your symptons. They will believe you and treat you the best they can. On your internet search type in: Enviromental Illness Resource, Environmental Illness or Academy of Enviromental Illness. Many websites will have doctors that belong to or practice in the area of enviromental illness which encompasses everything most everyone has here on the board. Granted there may be some good and bad doctors in this field just like every other doctor but email those websites you find and see what they webmaster suggests or some of them simply have doctors in your area to find. I feel so bad for those on the board who don't have a good doctor. I've always been pretty much blessed in that area. There really are very caring medical personnel out there. Some folks here on the board also have good luck with naturopathes. I don't personnally see one but many have been helped by those in that field. So please give it a shot and see if anyone can suggest a good doctor from someone in your area of the country or find a doctor in the environmental illness sector. I bet just finding and confiding in a good doctor will support and make you feel better knowing he or she can help you with your medical needs. Prayers out to you all.
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    Gosh, erickmoldwarrior, what does what you posted mean?

    Are those things you posted after my symptoms reasons for them? Or treatments?

    I live within feet of the cold and damp Pacific Ocean, I have lived in old moldy homes and apartmnents here all my life. The house we are in now and have been for 6 to7 years had black mold on the walls so bad that it would get on our pillows! The owners finally repainted 1 year ago.

    I also have fungus in my toes and in my thumb. Very bad, My thumb looks like something alien now. The nail is all bent up. It hurts. Right after I got this bad all the skin around that thumb and even around the base of the heel of that hand turned white and peeled off. Now I always have little areas of peeling in that area constantly.

    Also, a stoll test over one year ago found yeast in my stool.

    And another poster mentioned going back to the ER and telling them about my compressed discs and fractured vertebrae. I think I tell them this everytime. But they just want the most pressing pain area I am feeling at that moment. Usually it is my stomach and tendons, but last time it was between my shoulders, in my right shoulder and arm and in my upper back. All they did was give me delauded. Left me for 1 and 1/2 hours and told me I could go home. I was sicker when I left than when I came in.

    Today is one of the worst of my life.

    I didn't sleep 5 mintues last night. All I could do was toss and turn. Every area of my body I mentioned already insidde and out was like it was being injected with pain and tension and all I could do mentally was lay there and pray.

    I'm in bad shape here folks. I just don't seem to be able to manage getting all the supplements you all mentioned and taking them. Money is gone too.

    Today , I feel like I did the other day when I went to another ER 35 miles away hoping they could admit me and start looking at everything all over again.

    But I can't even think of this. I know I will be ignored and sent home.

    Cracking up? Whew, crying for sure.

    I am a 55 year old guy. 220 pounder. And I am telling you all, that what I am feeling has got to be as bad as what some of these torture victims go through.

    My wife has to get out and go to a movie with a friend. She can't take it anymore.

    I used to be the one she would go with on our Sundays together.

    I have lost my job, my career, my disability ran out months ago, I am losing my wife, my family, my life.

    Hear my prayer God please. Why I am going through this I don't know. I feel as if maybe all my bad karma has built up and I am being punished. Punished for hurting others? For selfishness? For lying?

    I know millions of people suffer as much or more than me. Many children who never had a chance to live a life. Many thrid world countries are ten times worse than us and my life.

    Beautiful and deserving and such moral people suffer with illness every day. Many are taken.

    I know this. But each of us, even though we are aware we aren't the only ones, we have our own heart, our own feelings and tolerances for pain. Don't we have a right to cry out with this pain too? Should we not beg and pray for help too?

    I am slipping into preparation for not being able to tolerate this much longer.

    I just am not getting the hope and encouragement that I need to keep up with this.

    I am sitting here, typing and this is all I can do today I know. I am pushing myself very hard to write this.

    I have debated not putting up such personal, graphic and seemingly such selfish crying out posts because I know so many of you are suffering too.

    I would love to just post positive healing postings. Success stories of my healing.

    But in the end, I think it is so important that we post the truth here. If the truth is hard to read and look at, so be it.

    To read about such pain and discouragement is hard. But people, friends, it is the truth about what is happening to us.

    If we don't post this, how will the world know? How will there ever be changes to where we start giving these type of torturous illness validity and concern and more attention?

    If I die from this, at least I got the truth out there about how bad this whatever-it-is out there. It shouldn't be sugar coated because we are afraid to upset and disturb ourselves or the country we live in.

    We are going to spend 1 TRILLION dollars on Iraq in the next couple of years total.

    Could you imagine what that money could have done for not just us sufferers her but millions of others in this country in other medial malady areas? How about financial help for those of us who are not only suffering torturous pain but are living one step above homeless people IF we even get SSDI? I don't even now if I can get this.

    If any journalist would look into the truth here on these boards and believe them, maybe there would be a beginning of us facing reality here.

    It's going to take a nationally recognized writer to get this ailment before it will ever be recognized for what it is.

    That's it for me today.

  5. Catseye

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    Look into the organic acid metabolic testing. Vitamin Research Products does it and here's another one I found from Duke University:

    Then when you've had the tests, go back to the ER and tell them these are the things they need to do for cfs people before they turn them away and label them as hypochondriacs. I'm looking forward to my own test, I'm sure it will shed alot of light on our cases.

    good luck,

  6. California31

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    I hope you do....and that you go get a workup...of your symptoms.....and then appropriate referrals. Good luck....
  7. Shalala

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    Oh I am sooooooooo mad at these DRs. I was reading about BPPV and OMG! I have those drop seeizures and other things that are assoiciated with BPPV and my PCP and NEURO are both aware of this!!! Only the sleep clinic gives a hoot about this Vertigo!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Your life is similar to mine but worse at this time. You probably feel like Job instead of Joe as I did. I wondered once what I had done to deserve such pain and suffering. Though I did deserve some suffering I soon realised that life is not like that as you mentioned the little helpless children that come into this world suffering and dying so young. I finally realised I am in a fallen world and it is all temporary.

    I am about your age and was a healthy hard working man but about 7 years ago my body failed and is slowly rebuilding itself.The pain got progressively worse in my spine due to disc problems and I would toss and turm with a pain that was similar to an abcessed tooth, then the fibro/fatigue came along.

    Nofool is right as spinal abnormality is a serios problem especially when it impinges our nerves. As you know nerve pain is excruciating. I had a girlfried a few years ago in her 30's blue out a disc and the pain brought her to her knees and she had syrgery within a couple days. Yes this is an emergency when the pain is so extreme.

    You need to make this issue primary so as to get a good DR's attention and find out what is going on un your spine. For some reasom I seldom get the sciatic pain anymore and only occasionally the legs that get numb. I only take a mild pain med and a bunch of supplements. I hve avoided surgery but I wouldn't think twice if I had your experience.

    I lost about all in this episode of my life and I choose to be single as I don't want to put anyone else through this untill I decide I am uo to it. But I have gained a very strong spiritual life that sustains me and I have a measure of joy and peace that I didn't have as a healthy man. I am a grateful soul today and have all my needs taken care of. I have a few good friends that believe me and support me and as I look around the world I have no doubt I have it good.

    You can get better also. Thanks for sharing your life with us as I believe we help each other when we are honest. You are in a bad spot now but that can change right away so please hang in there, find a good DR. I really do think all this stuff happened to me because of a compromised nervous system. The mold is another issue I have delt with as I seem to be allergic to everything now, but one step at a time.Please keep us informed of your progress as we really do care for each other here.
  9. lmlynley

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    The fear-driven medical community are reacting to political pressure coming to bear from supporters of The War On Drugs. Until we stop treating vices as crimes (recreational use of street drugs), our physicians will always fear for their licenses and even having to serve jail-time for treating their patients for chronic pain. I don't give a damn what other people put into their own bodies and neither should the government.
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    I really feel your pain, because you describe so much of mine in your post.

    Can you tolerate painkillers such as oxycodone ER or fentanyl pain patches?

    Keep looking for a doc who understands and is willing to stabilize your pain. I think it can be done.

    Tender love and hugs to you Joe,
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  11. meditationlotus

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    Your observations are correct.

    OUr medical system is based on greed, and thus carefully controlled by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Doctors don't have time to care for their patients and are only interested in the ones that can be seen quickly and solved quickly. Research is based on greed, and until a pharmaceutical drug is proven to help CFS, research will be little.

    But on the positive side, THERE has been a lot of result beging done with donated research money which this site helps to fund. More is being discovered. Check out the library section of this website.

    It is hard to find support, I know. We pretty much to go it alone. Try to have strength. I've had to learn to love and believe in myself, because many times people have so disappointed me.

    I guess that unless someone is chronically ill, they can't understand. We are not imagining this. This is real.

    Never doubt that an answer will be found. Have faith. Don't give up.
  12. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Please read the cure zone article that I posted the site to.
  13. boltchik

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    Bumping to make sure Joe is okay today. Kim :)
  14. LADYBUG2

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    BUMPING This Up.............
  15. Mini4Me

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    I removed the offending material.
    My intent was not hateful.
    I am sorry.
  16. mujuer

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    with joe. Our medical community just does not understand fibro enough to treat us correctly. My dr. never told me about what I would experience, I just went from one pain to another. Thankfully I found this board or I thought I would have gone crazy. I just came out of a bad spot myself and had to go to the e.r. where they kindly got me right in, gave me a shot and two pills and sent me home with my husband. The following day I called my dr. and told her that I had gone and she got me right in. She gave me strong muscle relaxers and Cymbalta and that has worked better then anything else they have given me in the past 2 1/2 years since I was dd with this awful disorder. I wanted to die because the muscle spasms were so bad. I had a buldging disc back in 94' and had surgery for it. I had instant relief but that was me. My friend I hope you find someone soon to treat you. God Bless.
  17. 139864

    139864 New Member

    "I would go to some other country like England "

    Hi Joeb
    Forgive me .. but I almost LOL when I read this sentence
    Firstly the majority of English Doctors are either in the U.S. or Australia and as for the rest of them ,they are only interested in their private patients ( money people )
    the National Health Dr's mainly consist of Asian and/or Chinese origins .
    My G.P.(asian ) refused to have anything more to do with me as my situation was far too complex for him ,and my Consultant Gastro threw me off his register after my making a formal complaint against him .

    Then the Neuro Consultalt told me, and I quote " You have so many things wrong with you ,it would be of no use doing any blood tests as THEY ARE BOUND TO BE ABNORMAL "

    . So if you still think it worth your while coming to the U.K. Then I wish you well .
    Best Wishes
    Brenda UK

  18. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    So how are you doing of late. We havn't heard from you. Did you get some relief. Please check in my friend:)
  19. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I just got back from our hospital mental ward ( psyche ward )

    I was sent there Sunday as I was breaking down crying in my house that morning from the weight of everything and not sleeping. 5 minutes was all I could muster the night before.

    My wife drove me to the ER. They assessed me and had me wait 2 hours to go to a "quiet" room to see a psych counselor.

    She was very sympathetic, very nice. Listened to my story and said she didn't think I was crazy at all. What she thought was I had been having a long term emotional exhaustion and collapse ( with anxiwety and depression )from all the body stressing ailments and unexpected immune system problems I told her I had had for the last 14 months.

    She used an analogy of two healthy people getting into a car accident and both being severely injured. It will take years for them to heal.

    I gave her a hand written note for all these ailments I had acquired in thst 14 months which I told her she could verify by looking at my records.

    That stopped anymore "emotional" questions and she got the ER doc and after 5 minutes of talk outside this room, she came back and said they wanted to send me to the psych ward. For stabilization and as much to be a back door for more phsyical tests and evaluations.

    She said that was the only way I could get into the hospital and to get the hospital medical staff to begin looking more closely at the real ailments that an ER would not.

    I volunteered my signature and off I went.

    They were very good about all of it.

    It was my first trip there.

    I have had to let go of my bias and stigma of this part of a hospital and I must say it was nothing like some straight jacket wearing, screaming, or looney looking person place. Most looked just like me, just absolutely exhausted.

    I was talked to three times and evaluated with a few pages of questions and found to be not psychotic or anything but high anxiety and "borderline" severe depressions 33 in the range of 32 to 58.

    I was given klonopin for the first day and they wanted to test me again for Lymes disease and B-12 and folate. I don't have the results of this yet.

    But when they saw the list of all the ailments I have acquired in just the last 14 months, they seemed to be much more listening and taking me seriously about my complaints.

    Some patients in this ward were spoken to like children, I was not.

    My complaints seemed valid. My manner normal except for telling them I had pain in 4 to 5 major parts of my body. And this was preventing me from sleeping.

    Of course I was depressed and anxiety ridden. Wouldn't "you" be after 14 months of this total body, 24/7 pain and torture?

    They said " yes' they would be. They also said it took a lot of courage to finally admit defeat and to commit myself like I did. ( is this the standard line for all mental health walk ins? I don't know, maybe it is. )

    But last night the head doctor wanted me to take Valium and 3 other pills that are kind of a new breed of Lithium. These are called "quetiapina" or " Seroquel."

    Always the trusting patient I swallowed these 4 pills down at 9:30 pm. Around 7.30 am I was being shaking by a nurse to get my blood for the b-12 and folate test.

    But I was so out-of-it, dizzy, groggy, and my back near the kyndeys felt like I had been kicked by a horse. I could not even roll over the pain there was so bad.

    Plus my mouth was so dry only a raspy unintelligle sound was coming out. And my lips wouldn't act right.

    It was like they were kind of paralyzed.

    I was trying to talk and going "oohhh, waaa, thuuu, thwwoooing. Woohaath thgoing oaaann?

    What was it with the lip thing? I have no idea.

    I was sooo tired and groggy, I ljust laid there for hours in and out.

    I felt like I had been knocked out with a baseball bat but the only pain I had was in my back ( oh wow that hurt ) and a slight throbbing head ache behind my eyes and up behind the forehead and a little toward the temple. Almost like a terrific hangover headache. I also felt nauseous.

    Finally the head doc came in and said I had to go. He said maybe I could find another hospital 60 to 70 miles away if I felt that bad. Apparently there was a problem with "Value Options" health care provider for me and my family in the mental health area. They refused to pay for more than two days.

    This doc also then said, "looks like we gave you too much "Seroquel."

    I don't know how much 3 pills of this with Valium are...but this one turned me into a blathering, pain writhing dunce.

    He said "we will stop this med immediately and I don't want you taking it anymore."

    So I guess I'll just be on valium for however long.

    I had to walk all through the hospital to find my wife in the parking area and I just shuffled with feeling dizzy and off-balance little steps.

    I left that psyche ward looking like a severely disturbed person with that shaking shuffling gate.

    I was definitely still feeling the effects of the over given "Seroquel?

    I am still so wiped put, barely able to write this. Doc told me to drink a ton of fluid today to flush all the Seroquel out.

    So, that's why I have gotten back to anyone. But as always I thank you all for responding. I "often" go back to many of your postings to cross check information and to just get info. that I did not have time to do when you posted it.

    Well, back to the couch with my fluids and Seroquel overdose. Thanks, JB
  20. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    At least you got their attention and someone who believes you. I am so sensitive to meds too and had to stop many of them the DR's put me on, some were nightmarish.

    I hope you find a good DR to help you. I also hate the fact that healthcare is often dictated by an insurer. It is no easy task to get what we need sometimes but I have been able to with some perseverance and sometimes a squeeky wheel approach.:) Hang in there and please keep us updated on this sometimes busy board.

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