Is Rolfing the same as Myofacial Release?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mujuer, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. mujuer

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    I was watching Oprah yesterday and Dr. Oz was on there. He was showing a procedure called rolfing and he was saying that it had to do with the fascia so that got me thinking "is this myofacial release". Anyone know? P
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    it is an interesting question. Possibly someone will see this and's worth a try to bumy it up again.

  3. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    I wondered how it would do for me, It looked like it hurt to me. I know when I had physical therapy and she would do deep muscle massage, i would hurt so bad the next several days that it wasnt any help at all.

  4. IntuneJune

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    I believe the techniques are different with expected similiar outcomes, releasing restrictions of the myofascia.

    For the past six years, I have received myofascial treatments which releases much of my myofascial restrictions and has permanently corrected a few structural defaults never addressed by three orthopedic doctors and a chiropractor.

    However, with fibromyalgia, the fascia just wants to return to cement again.

    Aquatic work outs help to extend times between MFR treatments.

  5. bobbycat

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    Rolfing can is very deep deep tisue massage. It can be very very painful. I had it early in the 80' and could not even think of having it now and I could not even complete it now. My friend had it also and she did not have FMS and she would scream. I am not going to advise anyone against trying it but, be prepared. If you can withstand it it does help but, does not stay with you just like anything else it is temp.
  6. Ginner

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    I have had Myofacial Release by a Physical Therapist, specialized in this technique.

    It so saved me after a serious car-train accident 10 yrs ago. (The drs say the reason I have fms, fasciamyalgia today )

    I understand Myofacial (fascia ) the thin protective layer around muscles, tendons.

    Myofacial is very very light touches to very specific areas of your body, depending on your injury. I think it is similar to accupunture = no needles, but very light
    "accu- pressure/touch" kind of explains it because they may massage or put pressure on your ear for instance, as they do with accupunture. etc.

    I had a neck /back injury, I was treated from head to toe with this technique.

    I worked in PT as a technician. When I got out of the hospital I came into the PTs at my work. They couldn't help me so they sent me to this person who did myofacial release/cranial sacral release treatments.

    He helped me so much. The treatment actually helped me think clearer. This PT was really a master. It is not a technique that all PTs do. It is so physically demanding on them also. If you find a PT who is "gifted" with this healing techique, you are blessed also.

    I started cranial sac. for my headaches, jaw, nose and ear, fuzzy head issues yesterday. I just found this pt after 3 yrs of searching, my original pt retired. I am so thankful. She helped me with my rattling headache yesterday. I think this treatment is a blessing for people with pain.

    I do not know about rolfing.


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