Is TF worth the money to try?

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    Has it helped many people here? I have herpes1, 2 , 6 , and CMV and mycoplasma also. Which would be best to order? How much do you take a day ? Is one brand better than another? How long before any improvement can usually be seen? I value any input here ! Annxyz
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    To me it is worth it's weight in gold. I have taken Immune Transfer C for almost 6 months. It targets CMV and HHV6 among other viruses. It does not state that it targets Herpes 1 or 2 but my HH1 has cleared up.

    Today I worked out at the gym for 30 mins, went to the mall and walked laps there for 1 hour, went home and did things there. Then went back to the mall and walked another hour with no nap today, That is the most I have done so far but before if I walked to the end of the mall and back I was very tired the next day and achey. I just have no post exertional fatigue anymore. If I feel tired, I go walking and it energies me and I feel great the next day.

    I could just go on and on. It does take time though. And I have to push myself to the next level of exercise. Like today I did eat some lowfat yogurt while walking my last two laps. But once I do it I am fine until I need to go to the next level.

    I'll stop now, but if you can afford it, I would take the Immune Transfer C. If you need something less, Sujay recommends TF 560 but it isn't much less.


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    I am desperate and will order NOW !!!!! Bless you for your help