Is that O magazine with the FM article

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    still available? The more of us who could purchase that and then send a positive response to the magazine about how appreciated the article talks. That shows a public interest which means Oprah's advisors are probably going to tell her that it is a topic worth having on an episode........Also, bombarding the show and magazine with emails?............Rhonda
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    Rhonda, it was in the September issue of O which I doubt is still available except maybe in libraries which offer magazines to patrons. Someone else was looking for the article not long ago and couldn't find it on the website so, bless her heart, copied paragraphs of it here. In all honesty, it didn't say more than other articles have said; it's just WHERE it was said.

    Sorry not to be more help. I will say that CFSers have been bombarding Oprah's show for years to no avail. Only when we have more information will it appear, in my opinion. Oprah doesn't like to look uninformed.

  4. johnston

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    it "in mass", so they would "get" the interest. (and then write, or email a response\ We could always go to the front of the magazine and call customer service requesting to buy that issue because of that article???????

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