Is theanine and l theanine the same thing?

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    My doc wants me to try theanine but all I can find is l theanine are these the same? I went to GNC and they didn't know and I have googled but can't find an answer. I do know there is a difference in tryptophan and L-tryptophan so was wonder about theanine.

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    just bumping
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    with Kina.

    Suntheanine is the best, it is a trademarked/? brand that other brands relabel and what all the studies on L-theanine have been based on... more info from online:

    It converts in the brain into GABA, the neurotransmitter involved in inhibiting over-active mental activities, such as stress. Unlike sedating herbs, theanine protects & enhances cognition, without causing sleepy or drowsiness. Also unlike other GABA compounds like Phenibut there is no withdrawal effect.

    * Increases GABA levels - Reduces physical/mental stress, improves sleep & relaxation
    * Increases Dopamine release - Enhances focus, mood, and memory
    * Glutamate receptor antagonist (AMPA, Kainate, NMDA) - Neuroprotective

    GNC used to sell it, not sure why they don't now, but you can find it at other HF stores or local vitamin stores or online.

    Suntheanine/theanine is the only thing that has helped my son at all, after all the RXs failed, he has had paradoxical symptoms with all ADs etc... I can always tell if he doesn't take it.

    all the best,

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    i just ordered some from trying to cut my xanax intake. so im gonna give it a try, and its not really expensive at all( Yippee!)

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