Is there a blood test for CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amyd, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Amyd

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    I was tested for mono a few years ago. Is that the same virus? Epstein Barr? I don't know the correct spelling!!
  2. 9974

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    Hi AMYD.

    I don't know??????
    if there was maybe this stuff would be more respected by the doctors and Ins. company's so we could get some help!!!

    GOD BLESS!!!
    Lonnie M.
  3. crissyfamily

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    but there are some tests for underlying pathogens that may be making us more a search on some of the following. I can't recall if epstein barr is the same as mono, but pull it up on the internet.

    read up on mycoplasmas - Dr. Garth Nicholson
    read up on viral infections - carol ann ryser, M.D.
    read up on hemax labs - hypocoagulation - Dr. Berg
    read up on a. martin lerner - hhv6 and ebv treatment
    read Dr. Teitlebaums's book: from fatigued to fantastic or pull him up on the internet

    there are tests for adrenal glands, hormones, amino deficiencies, etc. etc. etc. to see what is going on in your specific test for cfids that i know of...but i am new with the dd also....

    just some info to research until others post their respose for you.

    late and i'm heading to sleep time....

    take care...crissy.
  4. mlw

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    Epstein Barr virus is the virus that causes mono - it is in the herpes classification. Since it is a virus it can reactivate or go dormant. In my case, I had to insist on a mono test because everything else came back normal. The doctor ordered and IgM antibodies and my titres were very high. I felt pretty bad for about 7 months. I thought my symptoms went away after a year and then I started with swollen lymph glands under my arms. To make a long story short.. a new doctor tested me for: mycoplasma, herpes viruses, HIV,etc.. My results came back with HHV6 - which as I understand, is another related human herpes to Epstein Barr. The only thing to take is an anti-viral drug. I take Valtrex and I feel a whole lot better.