Is there a difference between colostrum and transfer factor?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Im trying to figure out what TF to start with and Im confused. Is colostrum the same as transfer factor products? I tried colostrum once, and sujay refers to it, but what is the difference?

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    Colostrum is much weaker than TF and therefore much cheaper.
    Also, it is not targeted. The targeted TFs are the most expensive. Sujay took TF first and after she felt better she started taking colostrum for maintenence. I was reading on the homepage what the different docs think about TF and there is a range of opinion. I think the information posted on this site is really good. Some of the older posts have alot of knowledge in them.

    I know that I have EBV and HHV6. But I started with 4Life TF because it was what my mother had at her house. When I could tell that it was helping, it just made sense to me to switch to a targeted TF for both of those and at that time the only one I could find that did that was Immune Transfer C. I have begun to take TF 100 on Wed. and Sunday. Those are the days I don't take the IMC. I felt the best yet on the Sunday that I took 3 capsules of the TF 100.

    I have found with any thing that I find that helps me that I have to play with it and "tweak" it to find the best way it suits me. I think that is true for everyone with this DD.

    At one time I knew which TF Sujay took. I can't find my notes but I have a couple of other places to look and I will post it tomorrow, if I can find it.

    Dr. Ryser on the homepage thinks of the nontargeted TF's as "preventative" but she does combine them with the targeted ones. She says that the blend cand be very effective.

    She also says that a person will feel a little sick like with a vaccination at first. Will feel better in 3-6 months and really see changes in 5-6 months and it takes a year to turn around. She has some patients get off the TF. Some have relapsed. She recommends taking it for life.

    I hope that helps.