Is there a difference between vicodin es and vicodin????

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    Please ..... My dr gave my a prescribtion for vicodin7.5/750 es and it just making me feel really itchy and stay awake all night with isnt good cause i have to work at 5 am and and i have a 18 month old that i have to take care of when i get home so. I dont know. this med. is just making me feel really werid. I was taking regular vicodin 2 5/500mg. and was fine but my doctor thought that this would be better since it would be less pills since I don't like to take pills. don't ask.. my doctors werid but he means well. =)... but if you could answer that for me.. is there a difference between the two...

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    in the Vicodin , sorry Holly, ;o)
    It's a Synthic Codiene, manmade but isn't everything these day's.

    I have been on Hydrocodone , Generic for Vicodin for about 10 years.
    I started at the 5/500 dose, then after a couple of surgerys I was put on the 7.50 which is more Hydrocodone and Tylenol.
    I got a little dizzy the first few times I took, them, but that went away.

    I was conserned about my Liver, so I asked for the Norco.
    Which is the Hydrocodone and Tylenol, with less of the Tylenol.
    It works great for me and I couldn't do a thing without it.

    I am allergic to the Codine, and this has been a lifesaver.

    I would Break the 750's for now, and call your Dr.

    It's not unlikely that you could be having a allergic reaction, but your Dr. needs to know about this.
    It could be the Tylenol too, as it's also listed as a side effect, the itching, I mean. ;o)

    I am also on Vistril, due to the Histamine problem I get, having the FMS/CMPD. I do itch at times, and I use the Gold Bond creme, for certain areas.
    Hope you find something that will help you, and allow you to function as a Mother.

    What a Blessing to have a Child, I know it sounds corny, but to me that is the most Important job in the world, and I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this condition, while being a Mommie.
    Keep us Posted, and call the Pharmacy, if you can't get ahold of your Dr. they maybe able to help you also.

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