Is there a generic version of Armour thyroid?

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  1. Granniluvsu

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    I am so aggravated that I just got a letter from CVS MailOrder pharmacy that handles our meds saying that Medicare Part D will no longer pay for my Armour thyroid. I have already called the two pharmacies I use that are the most reasonable. Not horrible but with everything else we are both on, I would like to keep the cost down and I hate to get off AT but I know that the Levothyroxine is so much cheaper..

    I forgot to ask the pharmacists if they have a generic and if so what the cost would be. De anyone else have any suggestions or ideas. I know could go back on gen Synthroid too but hope not to have to.

    Thanks !

  2. jaminhealth

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    No generic for Armour, I get 200, 60mg tabs for $36.50...I take 2 tabs per day.... I would never switch to Levo, they are totally different thyroid meds.....I don't have D insurance, but for me this is cheap med considering the whole drug world of prices....I get mine from CVS at the pharm.....I know Costco is less expensive and one can go to Costco pharm and not be a member of costco. We pick and choose our medicines....I think Syn is inferior thyroid med all in all. The more you get in script the less the cost...ask your MD to give you more at a time...... The above is a 3month supply for what I take daily.....jam
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    Hi Jam,

    I didn't think so as I Googled and didn't find anything but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I usually get 3 months supply too or a 90 supply for me.

    The price CVS gave me was $32.69 for a 3 months supply and WM gave me for a 3 mo supply was $28.16. I have used them both (pharmacys) and have no issues although CVS is where I get my mail order on insurance drugs. I don't know if I could get any larger amount than that. I have always gotten that amount. I guess that is because most insurances do it that way.

    I never tried Sams. I suspect they would be about the same as WM. There is no Costco near us.

    Thanks for your input :)!
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    Hi Jam

    Since reading your suggestion that my thyroid might be outta whack, I've been researching same. Every site that talks about the thyroid starts with the same sentence: "The thyroid is a
    butterfly shaped gland located in the throat." But what if the butterfly has flown away?
    Possibly to Japan where it has morphed into"Madame Butterfly"?

    Anyhoo, saw the doctor today. I asked him about the validity of the standard thyroid tests.
    No response. I read about armour thyroid. Some sites indicate you need an Rx. Others
    say you don't. A page headed "Buy Armour Thyroid" indicates you can buy w/o an Rx
    and then says, call our pharmacy. Confusiatin'. I guess from the posts by you and
    Granni above , you don't need a prescription.

    I also read that tests showed the amount of the vital ingredient in the pills varies
    widely, and it is not indicated for people with diabetes or high blood pressure. I have both.
    Anyhoo I had blood drawn for various tests including the standard thyroid test.

    Difficult to discuss anything with the doc as Gordon talks nonstop whenever we get in
    his office. It's as though some spell takes over and he turns into chatty Cathy.

    And then there are numerous possible side effects including chest pain, trouble breathing,
    severe diarrhea and itching. Hard to know what to do.

  5. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Rock, Jam et al - Waiting for DH to get home with some fish from the fish fry. He sounded so tired. Lots of work. I would be careful about ordering stuff from supposed Pharmacys that you don't need a script from. So many docs still do not exactly know what is what wit the Thyroids and go by old lab guidelines. I was supposedly normal for years with a 5 +
    TSH. Hopefully this doc will know what is what after your lab work.

    Well, it seems like there is side effects to everything. Don't take it unless you need it. Hope the doc knows more about the thyroid than some others, I can't tell if I have any side effects as I have felt so bad for soon. Let us know what he doc says about your tests and thyroid.

    DH should be home any moment and I am starving.

    Hugz to you both and any one else peeking in. More later.
  6. jaminhealth

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    Rock, I really don't believe one can purchase Armour without a script, some companies offer mail order but I believe a script is still needed, it's a pharma drug, I call it thyroid FOOD.....

    I wonder how great your "kaiser" doc will do with labs, TSH, T4 and T3 are needed. The higher the TSH and lower the other 2, one can take it to the bank they are HypoT. Most cases... To get optimal one has to get their TSH very low and the other 2 at the higher end of range....this is where thyroid support comes in and takes over a SLUGGISH thyroid. Iodine also helps with getting your thermostat turned up. I've studied this issue too.

    I've worked on this issue TOO many years....and went TOO long undiagnosed and never treated...... had anti depressants shoved on me for the nasty depresssion for 10 long years starting back in 1991. jam

    I'd bet your little butterfly needs HELP, just from hearing some of your symptoms...there are about 69 symptoms of a sluggish thyroid....including brain fog so many of you talk about being challenged with. Sluggish thyroid messes with it everything.
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