IS THERE A Protocol used for Pain Med's ??????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    Is there a regular protocol used to prescribe pain meds for people with these DD's ? I have been DX for a long time but now find myself needing something stronger for pain. Motrin ,Tylenol just doesn't do it.

    How do I talk my Doctor into believing me and giving me something that will really help me?

    What is usually given to people like us with this DD when things are getting really bad? I want a real life and I know they can help me but how do I convince them its time for something stronger ?I truly have terrible pain and need help. I think after 7 years with this and it is getting worse they should lesson to me now I'm so afraid they wont.

    What do you take for your pain and how long did you have this DD before you needed something stronger and how did you ask for it?
  2. Mini4Me

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    And keep track of how I'm feeling, how many hours I need to be in bed, what is hurting, etc.

    I've done this for years (have had this dd for 10 years). I have brought my journal to my doc appts. and have shown them that if I'm not medicated (opiate painkillers), I'm not having a life. I can show them that I'm in bed all day in excruciating pain. I have kept track of all the junk they gave me that did not work. The opiate painkillers work for me, and that is that.

    Thankfully, most of my docs have been willing to work with me on this. I have tried the fentanyl pain patch, oxycodone, and vicodin. Although nothing completely takes away the pain, it does help me get out of bed and have somewhat of a life. When your body gets used to one med, just switch to another.

    Unfortunately, there are days like today, that nothing works. I bet I could take a whole bottle of vicodin, and still be in pain! On these days, I soak in the hot tub, rest, and hope for relief the next day.

    Best of luck...
    You deserve a life!

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    I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. Treatment started with Ultram and then Ultracet then Vicodin, then Vicoprophen along with Zanaflex. While I was being prescribed meds I was also being told to take supplements. I've been on the patch, and oxycodone and percoset. Since increasing supplements and starting exercise (was only able to do this after I treated the depression) I'm now taking percoset, zanaflex and valium (for muscle spasms that occur during the day, since the zanaflex is too strong). My flares of pain are less frequent but then again I take my pain meds regularly in order to function. I have constant neck pain which I don't associate with a flare, it's a fact! The flares are the killer leg pains and/or back pain deep in my muscles that lasts for 7-10 days. I'm not bragging but in the last 3 years I finished my MBA and have been promoted 2x and have remained a pretty involved parent for my kids. I struggle with the shame aspect of being on meds (sign of weakness?) but then I look at where I am when I try to avoid them....I'm useless. Am I 100%? no, but I am able to function pretty well. The journal is very important. I kept that for quite awhile and would bring it to the doctor's with me. I would chart my pain, and other symptoms (dizziness, sensitivity to cold, light, sounds, etc.) every day (it was interesting to see that a lot of my symptoms were related to my cycle). Speak up for yourself and your life! You've suffered long enough.
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    I know I need help and my depression is under control ,my mental health has been fine other then I think the pain puts stress on me mentally also.

    I thank you again I realize getting to this point is a very personal and private thing for many reasons.Thank you for shareing with me.
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    I love my Memory Minder Personal Health Journal. Makes the chore easy. You can google memoryminder to find it.
    Take care
  6. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

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