Is there a Quick Test For Hep C.?? ..Pls Answer

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I have been in contact with someone with Hep C...and there's a possibility I might have got infected. I know there is less of a percentage than Hep B, but there's a chance !!! and with my immune system WOW !!!!!! as I did speak with my old hepatoligistm as one time I had "tylenol hepatitis" !!
    I am just so so so sorry !!!! I did this without a condom at my age !!! What was I thinking??? I should have known better, especially when I tell my 17 yr old daughter about STD's all the dam time !!! Here is the story.... He is defineatly infected with HEP C...and now is being tested for HIV !!! YES "HIV" I am so so sick and so upside down right now, and yes this has all made me so disgusted with myself !! where was my head !! how could I have not known this. Why did I believe that he was so perfect???????? A good looking, sweet talking, persistent overly persuasive man, and there I was gullable still at my age, I am just so stupid and niave still. The story is just before I knew all this, I had applied for a life insurance policy for my kids, and was turned down !!! thinking it was because of the Fibro !! maybe its because I am infected, who knows eh?? I have an appointment tomorrow at 10:15am with my GP, who should know whats in the insurance medicals, as they both spoke, the insurance and my GP.. The insurance company sent in a nurse here, who then took a sample of my urine, and told me it was also for HIV.. Then about 3 weeks later they sent me a letter saying...I am sorry but you are " Not Approved" due to medical reasons, but they wouldn't tell me WHY...
    I am just SO feeling bad, because all I cared about was just leaving a little something for my two kids !! thats all.. nothing about me.. Now I can't leave them nothing, but memories of there mother being sick, and now maybe with Hep C and maybe with HIV...Oh Pls Pray For Me....thats all I need now..........thanks sharon5650 right now I just hate myself...for being so stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sharon5650

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  3. happycanuk

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    Tell your Dr., get the necessary blood tests and try NOT to worry so much. You will have plenty of time for that if in fact, you do have these diseases. You are human, so don't go beating yourself up. You can't do anything about yesterday, but you can do something about today. Get going to that Dr.
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    Other than Hep B/C, since you are concerned about STD's you should also consider getting an HIV/syphilis test as well.

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