Is there a rhythm to your symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pasara, May 27, 2008.

  1. pasara

    pasara New Member

    Do your symptoms and flares seem to have a sort of rhythm? My husband made this observation about me this morning, that my ups and downs seem to have a rhythm to them. I am not sure if this is true, and will go back into my health journals to see if there is a pattern, but I wonder, if it is so, if there is a relationship between hormonal rhythms in the body and CFS symptoms, flares and crashes. I know another aspect of this is just my own behavior, ie energy management, but it does not really explain it all, so his comment made me pause. Any thoughts?
  2. pasara

    pasara New Member

    thanks for the response mustluv. i too have exacerbation of symptoms pre-menses. i'm not wishing for menopause tho! LOL, girl!

    Actually, though, I guess I am not thinking about this in terms of the menstrual cycle so much, that connection I get. I mean a more general rhythm to how symptoms unfold, or the "good" days vs the "crash."
  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    not that i've noticed...course, so much escapes me these days:)

  4. hi all,

    yes theres a rhythum in me,and ill write more when i can remember them.

    but two main things with me are..

    ill get a rancid taste release from right up my doesnt seem to leak anything out of my nose,but it deffinately leaks/drips into the back of my throat.

    i think its infecting things in my neck,and my neck glands have swollen up,and are extremely painful.

    and i havent had the creepy crawly sensations for a while now,while eating pumpkin seeds.

    but last night my whole body started to feel like something was crawling all over me.

    i couldnt sleep,and needed to as i have a job to go to.

    so in desperation i got two pieces of cotton wool,soaked then in neat dettol disenfectant.

    i put one piece at the top of my spine,and squoze it,so it ran all the way down my body.

    then the other piece i put it under my chin,and squoze that to run all the way down my front of my body.

    i also rubbed it on small warts on my neck and tummy.

    i dont know what happened but the crawling skin sensation,then stopped suddenly,and i went to sleep.

    i put dettol on my ear phones too.

    as im typing this morning,a black,small and very fast gnat was running over my arm.

    i hate this illness,really i do.i feel like im infested just now,and its upsetting me.

    im seeing a doctor on friday if they can fit me in.

    after ive listened to what the doctor tells me,im going to ask if i can be given another dose of a anti biotic nasal spray.

    i was given this a few months ago,but it made me feel sick,sort of burned my throat,and gave me blurred vision.

    but im convinced something is laying babies in my nasal passage,then running down my throat and into my gut.

    i always feel like something is crawling in my ears.

    im truly in need of support right now,having a few panic attacks too,but dealing with them as best i can.

    take care,love fran

    p,s ive been to a morgellons uk convinced its what i have.

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  5. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    IU am long past hormonal rhythms. But I know every emotional upset will bring physical problems , pain, ibs change in sleep etc.

    I do not live in a glass bottle where I am protected from families, bad news, etc. so the flares seem often but not as long as maybe they used to be.
  6. landra

    landra New Member

    First, i am allergic to everything I have been tested for, so allergies rise and fall ALL year.

    If I have to be in the wind for some reason, I will get a CFS flare the next day. Sometimes just being outside for a period of time will set off a flare. My brothers recently pulled up carpet for me, and in spite of quick vacuuming and using face masks, the next day was bad.

    I "crashed" with CFS after menopause, so cannot comment on that.
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Me too

    If I dust, the next day I am exhausted

    Bathe the dog, next day, exhaustion

    Bad allergies = chronic fatigue for me
  8. nina_and_me

    nina_and_me New Member

    I was dx with FM in the spring of 2004, although the symptoms started before that. The first real crash was that spring.

    I was the timesheet administrator, so I had access to my attendance records in their entirety. I printed everything from the date I started (Sept 2003 to spring 2007). I was always sick one particular weekend in February (I was out Friday and/or Monday of that weekend). For four years in a row, I was absent for at least a week during the final week in April. I had absences in March and May which matched up every year.

    Over the summer, I did pretty well. In the fall, I never failed to come down with bronchitis, and it was almost always in late September when I saw the doctor, was placed on abx, rest, and liquids, and I missed a few days there.

    By far, March, April, and May have always been the worst months for me. Coincidentally (or perhaps, not), I was diagnosed with my second bout with mono in late April/early May 1997.


  9. lvjesus

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    For about a year, I was almost symptom free except for the week before my period when I would get the fatigue and a bit of pain. Now it seems the FM has come back and therefore the PMS is horrible now. I definitely think the hormones work against us. It only makes sense. Think about the commercial for Yaz where "normal" girls get some of the same symptoms that we deal with all the time before their periods.
  10. jole

    jole Member

    No, I do not have any rhythm. I am normally very much in pain except for a rare day here and there, and can't find any rhythm to the good days.

    As others say, I do feel better in summer. The only thing I have noticed is this year the weather (storms) have been much worse, and so have I. So mine depends a lot on the barometric pressures.....strange. Yesterday was in between two storm systems and I had the first really good day in months.

    BTW, I am also post menopausal now, but before that I do feel that hormones played a big part. Did have more good days then than I do now, so maybe I should check into the hormone thing.

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