Is there a scientific name for..."chatting exhaustion"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bunchy, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Bunchy

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    I'm getting worsening mental exhaustion just from chatting to one person (especially if they are doing the talking) or having the TV on and someone talking at the same time or lots of people talking around and/or to you?

    It's not the same as brain fog.

    This is a big problem with me but it doesn't fit the defenition of hyperacusis (which I have to a certain extent too).

    Please help as I want to mention this to my doctor - I'm scared of not being able to talk to people anymore :(


    Bunchy x
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  2. panthere

    panthere Member

    it's soooo annoying, i know...I especially get exhausted from talking on the phone for more than 10 mins. I try to do breathing while i talk and constantly tell myself to relax, but i still get exhausted...don't know that is about :-(
  3. tut90

    tut90 Member

    When my daughters and the grandchildren are all taking at the same time, and the music is also on, I go into my bedroom for a few minutes to get away from the noise. At times I have told them that I can't take all the noise. It's hard for me to talk on the phone, it gets me exhausted.

  4. maps1

    maps1 Member

    This has been a major problem for me causing severe isolation. Now it is warm and sunny I hear neighbours outside would love to go outside but can't tolerate the talking.

    My psychiatrist thought it was a mental problem and tried all kinds of meds to no avail. Just cognitive disfunction I guess.

  5. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    I thought it was just me and I thought it was just my short attention span. I didn't realize this happens to other people. It isn't all the time tho. Just sometimes. And I do tend to avoid people when it happens or I just shut them out and pretend I wasn't paying attention. I wish I knew what it was, I just thought it was my short attention span. Maybe not?

    wishing you the best!
  6. what is a very common symptom for us FM/CFS sufferers, and it DOES have a 'name'


    It can be very very troublesome, it can cause PHYSICAL ILLNESS for some people (ME) I personally get migraine headaches now, (newest pain in the A##!!!), severe* nausea, sometimes followed by vomiting,

    (sometimes the vomiting occurs hours later, due to the sheer physical/adrenal/mental exhaustion- it can be a large family 'thing' with hubby's huge, LOUD family, that always last hours, and I get home, into bed... then cannot sleep, as horribly tired & sick as I will be... and will end up vomiting half the night, due to the severity of the exhaustion of my sick & weakened body being so overstimulated by sound, light, smells, etc.)

    Physical & Mental exhaustion, and many many other symptoms...

    You'll find MANY people on here, who can (and *do*) get very sick, merely from WALKING INTO WAL-MART, (these supercenters), the lighting they have, (along with dr's offices for me, as well as when I was a teen, the lighting in the middle school & high school), absolutely DRAIN me, give me headaches, and, I at times become DIZZY, and *DISORIENTED*... 'simply' from just entering the daggone store!

    Luckily, it is not that way for me EVERY time.. not that severe, & immediate, but, Wal-Mart, for me, is one of the hardest stores to 'bear'... the lights, noises, movement of people/passersby, carts, children, employees hauling things sometimes like large skids, etc.. noises from the electronics center, their automated security alarm at the doors that constantly goes off, due to SOME item in someone's bag, the cashier missed a tag or something on...

    Oh my, I'm getting ill just LISTING all the things/reasons Wal-Mart, as the largest example (as far as *stores* that cause sensory overload), for me, as well as many other people here..

    My primary care doctor "still wonders" if I "dont have *some* form of seizure activity going on" due to the inability to focus when being spoken to a lot of times- I absolutely blank out, even though I truly WANT to listen, I just go completely blank, unaware of anything, for (???) minutes at a time... but, more troubling than that even, for her, was the fact that many many times, when I was healthy, & working... I would drive 20 minutes on the interstate to work, ... and not remember a *thing*, the entire way... & telling her that one day in particular, I got the scare of my LIFE, when (while driving 65+ mph) I "woke up" to- a semi blowing his horn like mad at me, & my car was less than 2 feet away from his front wheels...

    I was completely out of it, I've always wondered how in the world I've driven all these years, & not even been 'awake'.. really..

    that & the *severe* blanking out in conversations, and having little 'time lapses'.. (I will all of a sudden, have no idea how long I've been in a bathroom, or something to that nature...) make her think I may have some seizure activity...

    I've had 3 EEG's in the 8.5 yrs I've been sick- well, from 2003-2006 actually, but, I have ALWAYS been on 2-3 anti-convulsant medications while the test was ran- that is the one thing I never have understood, (about my neuro).. is why he would even bother with that, knowing I was on anti-convulsant meds... always did seem pointless to me... I do trust, and even value his opinion(s) on many things though, and appreciate him very much..

    Anyhow, sensory overload is a major struggle for a lot of us, and, the amount* of stimuli it takes to overwhelm, can vary widely, person to person, and even within the *same* person, but, at various phases of their illness, time of year, time of day, etc.

    Hope this helps you all...

    Driving with a radio on, people talking, kids in the vehicle, and trying to just worry on what you are doing, as well as watching everyone around you, is also often a very difficult, and, for some impossible task, at least on *some* days with our illness..

    Sensory overload can be auditory, visual, or both, (and then some! (physical, mental) .... I have an extremely exaggerated 'startle' reflex... So much so, that hubby uses his cell phone as an alarm clock (it has the option to use it as such), because it IS able to wake him (DEEEEEPPP SLEEPER!!!), and, though it still startles me, the alarm clock he used to use, could actually cause me to VOMIT, from the jarring startling jolt it would give me..

    SAD isn't it?! It takes my heart several minutes, to slow back down after his alarm goes off, or if the phone rings when I am resting, or the dogs bark suddenly when they are near me on the bed, etc..

    All of those things, and more, at times, can actually cause me severe physical illness... thankfully, even though I can get sick, I have not *vomited* due to a severe startle, in quite some time...

    My entire system is just a MESS... a lot of areas *over-react*... and many other systems either UNDER react, or fail to work at all...
  7. sascha

    sascha Member

    i came across a phrase that perfectly expresses it, maybe it came from Dr. Cheney-

    it's "excitatory neurotoxicity" - doesn't that sum it up perfectly?

    i have that going on- it's as though my brain is constantly bruised, and incoming stimuli hurts.

    when people are talking, or there's confusion or too much activity around me, just too much input of any kind, it's as though my head, a bruised, sore gong, is being beaten on. OW- and i need to get away from the onslaught.

    it can be just having a good talk with a friend. i'm into it while there, then see how it takes a toll and causes a flair of symptoms later on. it's very tough because we need social contact so much. it's a very basic human need.

    i hope you will work out ways to work around it so you can get some social enjoyment- i sure do- best, sascha
  8. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi All,

    I can relate so much to just about everything said here. I've had CFIDS for decades now, and though my physical energy has stabilized somewhat (at a very low point), my sensory overload symptoms seem to be getting progressively worse. Morning seem to be an especially difficult time for me.

    Conversing is usually very debilitating for me, and like you Bunchy, it seems much more difficult to listen than to talk. So much for the adage of God giving us two ears and one mouth because we're supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. :)

    Sometimes very enjoyable conversations can leave me somewhat oblivious to how debilitating it is at the same time. But when I finish with a conversation, the exhaustion will often hit me like a ton of bricks, and take me hours to recover, sometimes longer.

    I too feel chatting exhaustion is part of the brain malfunction that creates all kinds of sensory overload. Music can be very uplifting for me, but can also cause agitation (even the softest, most beautiful music you can imagine) if I'm not doing well at the time.

    I mowed the lawn last week (about 30 minutes) and thought I was doing fairly well with it at the time. By the time I finished, I noticed how my whole body was buzzing and my neurological system seemed to be in chaos. I soon developed a headache, and then started sinking into a deep depression. It took me 2-3 days to begin to recover from this episde. Don't know how to deal with this going forward. Always a constant re-evaluation of capabilites, especially after incidents like this.

    Thanks all for your responses. It's nice to have it reinforced that I'm not some kind of psychologcal basketcase. I know this on a deep level, but experiencing all kinds of strange symtpoms can leave even the sanest of us scratching our heads at times. When this happens to me, I often harken back to an employer I once had who told me I was one of the sanest people she had ever known. Well, maybe. :)

    Best to All, Wayne

    P.S. Sascha, I seem to remember that you have worked with and had good experience with NAET in the past. Just wanted to mention that my partner has begun using EFT and has even gotten some training.

    She has discovered that EFT actually works better for her allergies than NAET has in the past. I'm not sure if you have tried EFT, but it may be something you might find interesting. --- I notice that you don't post here as much as you used to. Nice to see your post here this morning. :)
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  9. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    I get this too, and i have some pretty verbose friends, needless to say I avoid them unless feeling up for it, but it can get pretty isolating, thats why i like my dog, she talks in her own way but I dont have to intelligently respond.
  10. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I have FM. I've noticed problems with this much worse more recently, but thinking back before diagnosis, I realized there have been times in my life where I've had this problem.

    It seems that everything I "feel" with FM is magnified.
    Kind of like how people have to turn down the radio when they're looking for an address or the saying "I can't hear myself think". For me it's like that only tenfold.

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