Is there a shortage of your drug?

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    If there is a shortage of your prescription drug, read below and REPORT IT to the Food and Drug Administration.

    From CNN's Paging Dr. Gupta about shortage of medications:

    ". . . .The doctors and pharmacists we talked to said that if you're concerned [about the shortage], ask your doctor if the drug you need is in shortage, and if so, if there's an appropriate substitute. Discuss with your doctor whether there are different side effects from the substitute, and if doctors and nurses are familiar with how to administer it.

    If you find that a drug you need is in shortage, you can report it to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by sending an email to

    "We know these shortages are having a significant impact on patients and we continue to do all we can under our current authority to help resolve them," says Christopher Kelly, a spokesman for the FDA."