Is there a specific test for CFS??

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    I've been diagnosed with FMS and Osteoarthritis. Fatigue plays a HUGE role in my life, in addition to pain. There are days I can barely function. I have sleep disorders (am awaiting results on sleep apnea study) that drive me nuts, and I'm extremely depressed and have anxiety attacks. Anyway, I'm wondering about whether there is a test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? My PCP did a blood test which showed that mononucleosis was still active in me but not contagious. He said that CFS was not a problem at all based on that. I'm beginning to wonder about that. I also believe that MPS may be a part of my problem. I guess that I'm just at the end of my rope. My pain is horrible, and the docs won't prescribe anything stronger than Darvocet and Ultram. Unfortunately, neither comes close to touching my pain. And, my fatigue is incredible. Walking across the room can be enough to wear me down. I have breathing problems also thanks to a deviated septum. I also still have my tonsils. My ear,nose, throat doc is considering removing them to see if it helps. I know I've brought up lots of info in this post, and I've done so out of desperate feelings because I need think I need answers, and am just completely tired of dealing with the pain and fatigue. Sorry to whine....I know there are many worse off than me. I'm thankful for each day I'm given......but, (there's always a but) I'm exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'd be happy for anyone to throw any ideas at me that they may have.................God Bless all of you.