Is there a way to email any of these post to people?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Nov 23, 2005.

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    Sometimes I sit and read posts and they so address issues I have w/my family and friends and them understanding my health. If I could only email them these posts then maybe, just maybe, they would somehow understand the level of pain I go through. Maybe they would become compasionate to me and all I go through.

    I would so love the day that I could get out from under the constant condemnation from the people around me. How they look at me when I don't feel good, when I cry, when I can't move, walk or just lay there w/my heating blankets and pads. If they only could read that I am not a freak or exagerating or lying about any of it. If they knew that there are thousands just like me. If they wouldn't question me on all my symptoms and blame it on something else. If they would believe me when I say it's because of FM.

    Please tell me there is a way for them to get these posts emailed to them. I can't force them to read this web site otherwise they would already have. None of them choose to learn a thing about what I have. They won't read any of the books I've given them. Instead they choose to diagnose me themselves.

    It drains me. I dread this holiday. Being around all the family. I dread the weekends and seeing my family. i dread phone calls from my mom, sister and friends. I honestly would rather people not ask and when they do I usually just lie to them about how I am. It's when I have to see them that I can't lie. That's the worst. The roll of the eyes. That's what I always get. Then I have to hide my emotional pain as well as my physical pain.

    Am I the only one who goes through this with family and friends? I've lost friends over this. One who I thought was so close actually doesn't speak to me anymore because she couldn't understand why I couldn't go places all the time and call all the time. Oh well.

    Hope everyone else survives the holiday and all the family and everything else. I sure will pray that those who choose to be unkind to all of us will be kept far from us and we will be protected by God's love.

    Best of Luck!
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    You can also highlight what you want to copy like petalinthewind said then click your right mouse button and select copy. Then open up your email program then click your right mouse button again while in the message area and then select paste.

    You can also use your keyboard to quickly copy and paste
    Press the Ctrl and C key at the same time to copy
    Press the Ctrl and V key at the same time to paste
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