Is there actually a "lyme doctor" or are they

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    actually called infectious disease doctors? my doc, who dont know sh*& told me to go to an infectious disease doc. But i dont feel good about going to just anyone unless they specialize in lyme. *sighs*....i sure am having a hard time finding a doctor. I live in LA, Cal... so far i havent heard of any closeby.
    ALSO i read somewhere that most "lyme docs" will say that the vast majority of people w/cfs & fibro have Lyme. There must be alot of controversy on this... my friend just went to an FFC with similar symtoms as mine and Her Doc DOES NOT Suspect LYME. (i have lyme,btw). She said that they won't test for LYME unless there is A Really good reason for it. DOES ANYONE know why that is?? You would think that a good FFC would test For EVERYTHING, RIGHT? Anyway she recently got diagnosed w/fibro. im thinking WHY wont they test her for Lyme??
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    im in the bay area. i go to a doc in SF....although..she has an office in los altos near san jose too. if you want more info on her please just write a reply
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    hi, thank u for the response.. yes i would like more info on ur doc. the big question is: Is she helping you? and how long have u been going to her?
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    i also was told i had fibro for 17 years even though i had been repeatedly infected with lyme disease as it is rampant here where i live (just a few miles from Lyme, CT). even here they kept telling me it wasn't lyme and just by accident i got referred to an ILADS doctor through a referral to a pain doctor. these other doctors had done such a good job of convincing me that chronic lyme didn't exist that i waited before making this appointment. once i got there i realized that i had one of the leading lyme docs and researchers in the country who did a more thorough exam than any other doctor. he told me that i would need to be trreated with a series of antibioitcs of ever increasing doses which i have been on the the past 2 1/2 years and i have had a remarkable recovery. my treatment isn't over yet but the results are amazing even though the treatment is intense due to the herxheimeer reactions caused by the dying bacteria (proof in itself that you have lyme), if you don't get really sick when starting the drugs, you don't have lyme. go to the internationl Lyme and associated diseases ( website for all the latest research and a list of doctors in your area that are "lyme literate"