Is there any other special prayer request for Prayer Night?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mamashome, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. mamashome

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    I have been in an awful flare this last week - anybody that wants to post any special request before prayer hour tonight please feel free here, on this post, my brain is really fried right now and i will just print it off, i have Linda and her grand daughters already down, sandyz's motherinlaw, stidham's brother, sheila and her daughter but thats about it. please forgive me if i have left anone out - like i said i have not been in good shape all week long.

    My prayer request are tonight are for a dear lady whom i call Grandy who lives in florida, she is batteling cancer, please pray for her that the Lord will lay his healing hands on her, she also just lost her husband around a month ago. For myself, my Fibro dr. is sending to another neurologist next tues. I am hoping this dr. is a christian, a friend of mine thinks this dr. goes to their church. I am hoping he is, i am so sick and tired of drs. and i really feel i need a christian dr.

    oh, and my brother and sister in law for their adoption of their little baby girl, Cora in October.

    thank you everyone, God Bless each and everyone of you, love mama
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    I have several updates:

    [†].My daughter, Martha thanks everyone for their prayers regarding her anxiety - over even the most routine physical. [BTW it is the 18th and not the 17th]. She thinks about the daily [hourly] prayers - and says she can feel a calmness come over her.

    [†].My orthopedic surgeon who was in the medical reserves and in Afganastan the last several month - is back home in Manitowoc - and will resume his practice on Sept. 30.

    [†].A housekeeper problem has been resolved. This is necessary for me to remain in my own home, alone. The [I call her 'MY Gal Friday' - Kay] will be able to continue her help for me on 2 days each week.

    [†].I guess that alone is an answer to prayer - because when I came home 1/5/01 - several of my doctors were very concerned that I could not function alone. Because of the setbacks that I had experienced after hip surgery [2Xs in Sept] from several complications - which caused my time away from home to be over 4 months - rather than the original 4 - 6 weeks...AND NOW I AM ON MY 3RD YEAR - LIVING ALONE. Our God is indeed Good - isn't He?
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    that i get rid of aneixty and fear and the feeling i cant take a deep breath,thank you and my prayers r with all of u,val
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    I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling bad.. will keep praying for you. I will also say a prayer for your friend Grandy and your brother and sil.

    I have a prayer request and an update to one of my much earlier posts. I appreciate all the ones that prayed for my husband with his work related problems. I have some good news, God must have heard all of us praying, because today, I received a call informing me that my husband has an interview on Tuesday September 16! I really had given up all hope of this job that I am referring to because it has been so long since he had applied. But you know what? God does not want us to give up hoping, because hope lives through Jesus Christ!! We still need your prayers that God will provide my husband with this job. The job he has now, has gotten much worse since I first told you all about it. We really do appreciate all the prayers! Want everyone to know that I will be praying for you all...even if I don't have the time anymore to reply to your requests! God Bless you all!
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    I may not get back here later, have to take my husband for his yearly prostate screening. Just wanted to say I will be praying for everyone and appreciate the prayers for me and my family. It has been a sad day for me remembering the people of September 11. It still breaks my heart for all the lives lost and the families who lost their loved ones. Love and hugs to all.

    God Bless
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    Please pay for the Son in law of this lady at work. He's only 36 and has stomach cancer and may die. He went thru chemo and they thought it went away, but it has come back worse. Prayer for his wife and kids, and all involved.

    Please continue prayer for me, it has brought me such peace and comfort. Thanks everyone, Amen.

  7. mamashome

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    i missed prayer night last night, i hit the sack at 8:00. I feel so bad, but i printed all these out and it will help with my daily prayer this morning. Thanks everyone it really helps with keeping my brain in order cause i want to keep each and everyone of you and your prayer request in my daily prayers. I love each and everyone of you. May each and everyone of you have a joyful and wonderful day. mama