Is there any spare energy out there , I could really use it

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    Here I sit before the computer instead of going up town to pay some bills and get a few groceries, and I am just not in the mood to move.

    IF I had my way I would still be sleeping on the couch with the TV on. I have called my MD out this being so sleepy all the time to ask him if this is a flare and the being so sleepy is a part of having fibro? Or is this something else.

    I don't know. I have had so many different answers about this so I am wondering what is a flare and is this total exauhstion, pain and fatique in my legs, they feel like I have walked to far and I have over exercised and now I am stiff. My muscles are so stiff and achey and I hurt down to the bone.

    SO I was wondering what else could there be that could cause me to feel like this and as much as I have researched I have not found anything besides fibro and Chronic meyofacial Pain syndrome which I also have. So unless any one knows of something that makes you feel sleey and achy and just plain down right tired all the time, and when you walk it hurts and after your so stiff as if you have over done it. Some of this pain is from the arthritis I have in my back , and knees, and my left wrist. So I really have looked hard to find what could this be.

    I don't have the symptoms of MS, or Lupus,
    MIL had lupus and she would get these huge rashes on her arms and legs adn she looked so brusied and beaten up. And these rashes itched badly and she could not have anything on her that could touch them or they hurt and itched so much that she needed to take pain pills and she could not take most kinds as they botherd her so she was taking Darvocet and tyelonyl. She has passed away a few years ago and I miss her dearly.

    And I know that I have been under so much stress from the FAmily { Brother and sister and her pain in the @#$%^$ husband} I get some stress from my girls wanting me to be like I used to be and I can't do that I wish that they could understand that if I could change and not feel like this and go back to how I was I WOULD in a heart beat. But I can't do that.

    Yes I have stresses and so does every one here and I don't handle mine very well and I dwell on things I can't change and that does make it hard to feel good. SO I have been trying to not say how i feel or even discuss it at all. I try to smile and be happier and it is really hard when you feel like you have been run over by a mack truck. But I try to look like I am happy, somedays are better than others but I am trying to not let this feeling horrid get to me and pull me down in to it's web.

    I don't want to have fibro and the rest of this stuff I have become my whole life and that is all that I think about so I have to do more in my life, like doing something for some one else, painting I love to tole paint and I need to get out a bear and paint it and I will have my daughter take a picture of it and send it here for you to see, that I can do something besides whine.

    Well it is raining so I had better get to it and get this things done and get home before this storm gets worse.

    Take care,

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