Is there anyone who stays hot and has severe sweats???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1sweetie, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I use to be a very cold natured person but my body thermometer has gone crazy since I became sick with CFS. It was 58 degrees in my house yesterday when my husband came home. I had forgotten I had turned the heat off and did't realize that it had gotten that cold in the house. Last week I had the door open and it was around the same temperature outside and I was comfortable in a short sleeve T shirt and cotton lounge pants.I have drenching sweats. This is 24/7. It's becoming a problem between my husband and me and I understand how it feels. I realize that some of it could be menopause but even with having breast cancer in the past,I took a hormone shot to see if it would help and I could not tell a difference with this problem. Does anyone know what could cause this problem??????
  2. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    Your immune system is probably going full blast fighting off a viral or bacteria related infection.
  3. joannolivia

    joannolivia New Member

    Hello, I have a problem with overheating all the time and have finished menopause and am taking hormones. Just taking a shower and getting dressed makes me hot and I have to sit down and cool off before finishing dressing.

    I have been wondering if being over weight may be a factor? My feet freeze but my head sweats. I wake up sweating at night when it is freezing; and have a terrible time when cooking. It is 6 degrees outside but I have the door open when cooking. Walking makes me huff and puff and I really am not that much over weight as I see others, much heavier, walking without much effort.

    Just using the hair dryer makes me sweat so much that my hair goes straight in the height of winter. I dread getting dressed and going out and just hate this limitation.

    I have both chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I am also a vegetarian who eats milk products, eggs, cheese, but nothing meat or fish or fowl. I tend to get anemic if I don't take iron. I don't smoke or have health problems other than the CFS and Fibro. LOL, just throwing out everything I can think of that may be a variable in this idiotic sweating syndrome and hoping someone will identify with a charastic or two so we can get to the bottom of this.

    Thank you for opening this thread as perhaps others will identify with something in one of our profiles.
    Kind regards, Jo (joannolivia)
  4. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    i had 'inability to cool down' after, say , a hot bath, & it turned out to be a side- effect of medication. check w/ your doctor maybe?
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Like you, 1sweetie, I used to be very cold all the time. I live in a cold climate and used to say that I was freezing from October until May every year. I got sick in Jan.'93 and the first strange symptom I noticed is that I went immediately to being hot, hot, hot all the time. I even did yard duty all winter (often -20 degrees or colder) in my spring jacket!

    This symptom has never really gone away during the ups and downs of the past 13 yrs. I thought it was my hormones going wonky but menopause was 8 yrs away. And the sweats started the very week that I came down with CFS/FM. So it may very well be a from my body in overdrive fighting an infection. I never even thought of that!

    I am hot mostly from the waist up. My head is the worst. And my feet are usually cold. And like you, Jo, the least effort causes me to sweat worse.

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  6. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    I know how you feel. Since 1989, I have had four days without sweating and flushing. Have done the hormonal trail and it was not that. The current thinking - for me at least - is that it is something to do with an overworked liver or some type of infection.

    I sympathise, but I have no answer. Unfortunately I live in subtropical Queensland which makes it worse. My clothes do not wear out - they rot.

    Hope you find something that helps because I know how exhausting it is. Fortunately, I do not have allow for a husband. If the cat gets too heated from being close to my body during the night, she just leaves the room: - this is true! I feel a sweat coming on, and the next thing she is out the door. In a way, it helps me because I know I am not imagining it.
  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Jarjar& petalinthewind could the virus or bacteria last for 2 1/2 years? I've had numerous blood test and nothing serious shows. Do you have any suggestions for any special test? Pepper, it sounds as if we are on the same page. I was a banker and had to dress professionally for work each day. You would not believe the amount of clothes packed under my business attire that I used to try to stay warm and just like you this was one of the first symptoms. I am hot everywhere. I've started using powders to try to absorb some of the sweat. I can't wear anything but cotton. Minimum movement makes it worse. When I try to hang up clothes my head becomes so wet that water will be running down my back and face. This is strange but also from my "private parts". After a warm bath and washing my hair is one of the worse times. My hair is thin and short and I will sweat so much that I can't get it dried because the water keeps on coming. I have to turn the lights off in the bathroom because of the heat they expel. So you can imagine how I look. Until this disease, I was always "fixed" if I left the house. I wore nice clothes,makeup, and fixed my hair. I can't do this anymore. Makeup really makes the sweat worse and I have to use very light lotions on my body and face. Do you relate? I can't even wear underwear. Part of that is because of the pain that they cause touching my body but the heat is bad also. Necklaces and rings cause me to sweat. Jfrustrated, I don't have a cat to scare away but it's definitely works that way with my husband but it's me not able to stand being close to anyone. Joannolivia, don't blame it on your weight. When this started with me, I weighted 121. Thanks to this disease I now weight 144. I gained 14 lbs in 6 weeks recently and I don't eat very much. The weight gain is something else I don't understand. I have the same problem with breathing with reaching, lifting, carrying or walking the smallest incline. Do you think that this could be heart related? That thought just came to me as I was thinking about our symptoms. I have had strange EKG's since this illness and during 2 stress tests they thought I was having a heart attack. I had a test to check my arteries(having brain fog and can't think of the name) but they were not clogged enough to cause the problems I was and am having. Of course just like everything else, they don't know what is going on and I'm just to tired and frustrated to keep pursuing everything. Yellowbird, what kind of medicine?
  8. sunshine8957

    sunshine8957 New Member

    So was my mother and my brother. I've been sweating like this since I was a young kid - even my kids inherited that!
    We are just "sweaters" in our family. I always had to have a fan blowing on me at work so I didn't make everyone else cold. What's funny is that I ended up in the deep south 27 years ago! I HATE THE HEAT!!

    When a "flash" hits and I can't cool down fast enough, I grab a bag of frozen vegetables and put it on the back of my neck and that help to shoot your body temp back down.

    I know exactly what you are talking about with the hair and the makeup issue - Uhhhh! My mother used to try to console me by telling me that it is far worse NOT TO SWEAT.
    I evidently had relatives that had that problem... I still would opt for not having the "flashes" anytime!

    Hang tough sweetie - You are not alone!

  9. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I don't know what climate you live in 1sweetie but I live where it gets really cold in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. I do not wear makeup in the summer any more and I used to always go out of the house well put together just like you.

    My hair is very very thick and curly and I have found that there is just no point in trying to straighten it during the hot months. I just sweat the curls right back in.

    I leave the bathroom lights off too! They are just too hot. I am so glad that I am not the only one that is like this.

    I have to wear underwear but change it several times during the day because of the sweating. Wish I could go without it!

  10. shep

    shep New Member

    I am true "hot head." I am just like Joannolivia.
    My head stays so hot, sweats and my hair is never dry. Yet, my back,legs and feet are ice cold. I am also diabetic which could contribute to this along with harmone problems.
    It is very embrassing. I cannot wear any makeup anymore; it just runs off. I have to always carry a washcloth to keep my face dry.
    The doctor has done all kinds of blood work and has no idea why this happens. My mom who has passed, had fibro and she did this also. My sister had fibro and she does this also. Must just be one of those wonderful side effects of fibro, CFS.
  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Does anyone else with the sweating problem having difficulty with breathing when they do small physical activities??? And Pepper I can do without the underwear, especially the bra because of a tram flap with implants that I had after a double mastectomy. This was a silver lining to the breast cancer. I haven't found one to CFS/FM. Also I live in central North Carolina. I will try the vegetables but they probably will cook!!!!
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  12. MaryCecelia

    MaryCecelia New Member

    I have the same problem. My dr. says it's from all the infections in me (EBV, HHV-6, Lyme), but nothing has helped rid me of them. I also have shortness of breath & racing heart from just walking through the house & recently went to the cardiologist, who said the echo shows my heart looks "great." I'm glad you posted this. It helps to know wer're not alone.
  13. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I'm going to the and speak to him again. He had mentioned having an Echo but I am so tired of having tests and they say everything is great but I am probably going to have the test. I wish someone would find something. I am so tired of being this sick and everything is "fine". It is being to get to me- No it has got to me.
  14. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member

    I thought I was the oddball out on this one because I've always thought FM people are always cold. I have a really underactive thyroid, and thought that when that was under control, I would be rid of this horrible thing...but I'm still experiencing it to no avail. I did come from my FM doctor today and have found there are bacteria and virus problems, so I'm wondering if the sweating will go away with them. My gosh, I hope so!

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