is there protocol for firing SSDI attorney?

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    Hello- this is brand new for me, plese bear with me. I need to terminate my SSDI attorney for various reasons. namely not doing her job. it is still very early in relationship. I'm waiting for decision on first Reconsideration so I think it's still early? Are there specific forms like ones necessary to hire atty? I've searched everywhere and can find nothing. Any/all help, advice, etc most appreaciated.
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    All I can tell you is my experience.If you are not satisfied with the attorney,do yourself a favor and let her go.I did not do it even when I thought about it a million times and guess what-I went every step with SSD and LOST!
    The lawyer could have appealed it one more time and decided to tell me(after four years) that he wanted 1500.00 for him to appeal it.Ofcourse I didn't have it and could do nothing.I believe if the case was appealed again I would have had it now.My lawyer only got paid if I won so he didn't want to do any more work without money.Now I am left with nothing and can't work.I don't know about any forms to sign-I did sign with him that I would pay for mail,phone calls and stuff like that-which in the end cost me 500.00 that I didn't have.I don't think it is late in your case to let the lawyer go-infact probably a good time.You can just get another lawyer.I will tell you that I understand it is hard to tell the lawyer you are not satisfied,but remember they are working to get what you need.I regret not being assertive-maybe I would have an income today.One thing I want to encourage is NEVER give up!I wish you luck. Lana56