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    facial skincare?
    I apologise this is similar to a message I posted the other day which many of you, who could, answered, but I wanted to post more specifically in the hope that I might get specific recs....I need water-based facial skincare that's 100% natural but no fragrance or essential oil...please read on:

    I'm having a hard time: chemical-laden fragrance-free facial skincare makes me feel sick (chemical sensitivity) gives me headaches, nausea etc BUT 100% natural water-based facial skincare all seems to be laden with essential oils... I did try Green People Base lotion which is recommended for MCS and it still made me feel ill...maybe aloe vera which that product is based on does this to me.

    I have rosacea affecting my eyes and face so would love something super gentle (natural but void of fragrance, essential oils) that I could clean my eyes and face with as well as something to moisturise with... My rosacea is dry sensitive but does not do well with plain oils used alone like jojoba, olive etc...I definitely need water-based stuff.. I once tried to clean my eyes with jojoba oil and ended up in agony for about 2 days.. Thanks so so much, Shell :)
    Ps I do appreciate it....I am so glad I came back...I missed it here and forgot how wonderfully kind, not to mention knowledgeable, everyone is... :)

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    I use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer, it's also an anti inflammatory.

    I use witch hazel for bruises or spots as well as a toner.

    I use almond oil on my nails and feet.

    I think you might have to experiment with application on a small area of skin like inside of your arm before you use anything all over your face. Like you, I suffer from a number of skin conditions and find all the above okay for me.

    I hope that helps.


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    I've recently started using a little baking soda to clean my face (and the rest of me, as well), and it's so much less drying than soap. I've been able to reduce the amount of moisturizer I use, which is saying something because my skin is always super dry.

    I just dab my wet fingers into a little tub of baking soda and use that to wash my hands and then my face. Very gentle!

    As for lotion, I don't know if this will work with your MCS, but I'm fond of the Ballard Organics unscented lotion. (Tt's a local company in here in Seattle, but you can order their stuff online.)
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    the thought that came to my mind is that most skin problems are something on the inside working its way out. that means two things to me. one, you don't want to suppress the symptoms so much that the issue causing it internalizes. and two, that you need to work on the inside to get past it.

    easier said than done, but i would look more at DIET, supplements, herbs and homeopathy to help your skin. to do this you may need to work with a naturopath, homeopath, or herbalist to find a combination of things to help. one simple thing to start with might be evening primrose oil. also, perhaps pure aloe vera gel? you have to watch with this that it actually is pure. often they add fragrance or other ingredients. if you can't find it, try getting an actual aloe vera plant and using it direct from the leaves. another plant based product to look into is calendula.

    i am extremely chemically sensitive too. as far as cleaning products in my house I make all of my own out of baking soda, vinegar, etc. if you are having trouble finding skin products to soothe your skin, i would look for recipes to make your own products. things like oatmeal, honey, yogurt, etc. are often used to make masques or washes. the internet is your friend when it comes to finding different ideas and hearing how they work for people.

    all the best.
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    not directly on topic.... but just ran into a woman with rosacea who said the only thing that worked for her was one of Yasko's RNAs.

    I don't know what it's called...but you cld probably find it on holisticheal dot com.

    I have no financial interest in her products & yes, the RNAs are ridiculously expensive...

    Y'know.. for what it's worth.

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    Grammy27: rop just means read on please..... :)
  7. RENA0909

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    Rena here

    I think if you check the product I mentioned .....Provenance Roseacea and Blotchy Skin may help.I would hope so because it must be hard for you having these problems.
    Please just take a look at the sites about this cream because I think it is something that I would try.

    Also try taking B vitamins.And the SIMPLE Products may help.

    Good luck Shell


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