Is there wisdom with age? continued

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Denamay, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Sitting by myself this morning I asked myself the question, just what do I believe?

    The answer came to me, that it is all about names.

    Our creator is called by many names for example Christians; call him Jesus, The Bright and Morning Star, The Rose of Sharon, The Alpha and Omega and so on.

    Other faiths have different names for God the maker of heaven and earth.

    I too am called by many names, some know me as Denamay, others call me mom, mother,grandma, granny, great gran, some old friends are allowed to call me Blackie [a nickname from child hood.]

    My son knows about me as a mother, my husband sees a more intimate side, yet neither knows all there is to know about me.

    My understanding is, God is love in action, and my goal is to be comfortable and at peace with the uncertainty of not knowing all the answers.

    Love to all who answered my last post, you have helped to clear my thoughts. I may not be wiser but I am content. Denamay
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    Believe me I am blessed, a new granddaughter! Please do call me grandma, not granny though, somehow that sounds so old.

    I have a grandson who calls me granny just to hear me say" I am not your granny but your grandmother!"{very formal you know}, he just laughs, anyway, I am going to cut him out of my will if he is not careful.

    My eight grandchildren range in age from nine to 26 years old, how old are you if I may ask? I have to know just where you fit.

    I read your profile, my, you have done some living!
    Love, your Grandma Denamay

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    Being at peace with the uncertainty of not knowing all the answers is what faith is all about.

    There are many great mysteries that we must just trust in the Lord about. Listen to His word and you will never be misguided.

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    45, I can pop you between my 47 year old son and 44 year old daughter.
    Love you too, Denamay

    PS. Not many call me sweet, salty is more like it.