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  1. neldwn2me

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    Anyone here that has tride the exercise and the diet and every thing that is suppose to bring relief and it did not help. And how meny cfs/fs or overweight?

  2. Jgavi

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    Well it is like this-

    Diet and exercise is needed for all bodies and sometimes it does help but sometimes it makes it worse!

    I still try since I was very active before I got sick and know that we all need to move more just to keep the heart healthy.

    Diet is very important and with all the tests I have taken I have found out I need to stay away from certain things that can cause problems, like inflamtion.

    I have been skinny, a bit over weight and 50 lbs over weight, in my case the pain was always the same, BAD!

    The whole thing is you need to try everything-

    The new article about eating sugar is helping some people!

    There is so much out there about what to do and not to do we are on over load....I think each person has to try there own treatment programs- Drs ALL say to exercise and eat well. Of course! Thats the normal thing to do anyway!

  3. 69mach1

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    ihave been trying to explain this to people...yes exercsie and weight loss doesn't make it still get those burning muscles pain stuff twitches,,,,numbness...

    we need to exercise to benefit our body inside and out....

    just to keep moving and then it will help our minds...