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    I am really frustrated. About once a month I have an "attack" is what I call it...I guess it is a flare...I usually get direahhea then a few days of feeling too tired to leave the house or do anything much at all. Today I took two naps. I feel feverish but have no fever. I am wearing a sweatshirt in the house with the ac. on. I just finished helping my daughter finish getting her diploma with online schoolworking non stop for 2 months and never felt this bad. and had one week to do "everythin" that was dumped for months. Sunday was great...I spent outside and finished up some gardening, though I paid dearly with pain, then Tuesday a.m. the probs started. I have to leave next Tuesday for my moms for vacation and I just feel like crying . I need to clean bathrooms, dust, pack, make lists, shop, and I can't even sit in this chair without pain. I will be getting out the percocet tonight. I feel like I have the flu but it happens all the time. My stomach has settled but I really can't cook or eat. Usually I can do basic housework. Are these huge crashes??
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    From my experience you are crashing from stress. Why does your house need to be clean before you leave for vacation?
    (I used to SCRUB mine spotless before vacation then realized 5 minutes after we returned it was dirty again, so quit doing it.) I also don't bother to clean a lot of stuff with the explanation that if people don't like it they can do it themselves or not come over (or home, if that is the case! LOL)

    Don't be so hard on yourself - take care of YOU, do only what is absolutely necessary (I assume packing, but even kids can help with that) and take frequent rests, preferably in the garden if that is what you like, and enjoy your vacation.

    The flare from the end of school will take time to work itself out, but no sense in starting another one if you don't have to.

    Love, Lillie
  3. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Thank you Lillie, that is my new granddaughter's name, Lillian Rose. A flower. Your're right, why should I clean the layer of dust that has been there for 5 months LOL and anyway my son and one daughter will be here and will just "mess" up the bathrooms, so I am taking your advice and cutting out everything not necessary. If I don't have my glasses on I can't even see the dirt on our kitchen floor!
    I feel a bit better today so I am going to Walmart, I can not go on a weekend here its like a zoo. Thanks for your sweet reply.

    Hugs, Nightngale
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    Flares can come in many forms,brought on by stress,lack of sleep,an illness,depression and many other opportunistic items.A flare is always around the corner-working to hard,housework can give you payback which results in a flare.You have to take it easy,and listen to your body if you don't you will up with a flare that sends you flat on your back in bed, and in so much pain you would know what to do with yourself.I'm not trying to scare you just telling you the truth as experienced by me!Now I don't care how messy the house gets,I listen to my body and if tells me not to do it I DON'T-it will always be there tomorrow.
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    yep mine just come out of nowhere sometimes is what puzzles me....the day I felt better I have pushed to the max which is real bad I know. I had to go get rx's and food. Thank the Lord for my rheumy who will treat my pain, I used to lie in bed and cry cause my legs hurt so bad....I feel so bad for all these people on this board who can't find a doctor to help them! My dh will make his own dinner if I tell him it's one of those days.
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    I know exactly what you mean about worrying about the house and dust and everything else in between. I think that's been the hardest thing for me to just let it go. Even though I have for the most part something way down inside me says - this isn't how your house used to look and the guilt starts creeping in. Somehow we have to let it go or we WILL be flat on our backs. I know that first hand. I was totally crashed from January to April this year. Three months in bed 23 out of 24 hours a day is NOT the way to live. So I guess it's the house or me. Think I'll try and pick me.

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