Is this a flare or something else do you think..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cc0526, Jun 11, 2006.

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    I've only recently been officially diagnosed with CFSIDS for a few months but have been sick for much much longer. The last 2 "flares" I had were about 5 weeks apart and started with fevers, horrible sore throat, migraines, hypotension, dehydration (severe GI-IBS problems) and ended up in bed for at least a week not to mention another week or more to build up strenth to get back to my "baseline".

    I have had about another 5-6 weeks since the last hospital stay and I am feeling bad but not quite as severe as before. My body hurts all over, more than usual, like a bad flu. I'm more tired than usual (which is bad) and even the ritalin isn't helping that much. I also have the low grade fever again. Mostly I'm just sore.

    I had a really busy week at work with our yearly surprize state survey that lasted 4 days and ended up working 6 (12 hour) shifts in 7 days. I got through that surprizingly well. I have four days off now and this is day 3. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day sore, but today my body aches all over and the fever. I'm not having any GI symptoms like with the bad flares...knock on wood... and I am able to stay awake even though I'm stuck in bed because of the pain and overall feeling of crappyness :)

    I'm sure not all flares are the same. I'm just praying this is the worst this one gets.

    Thanks for listening and for any advice.

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    I've got a post that's probably a few lines below yours right now asking for someone to please describe a flare. Look there and see if any of that helps you. I'm having a major one, or I would stay and chat. This reply should bump you back to the top for more answers though. Mine is titled ******PLEASE******Describe flare for me. I'll try and check back with you later.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
  3. cc0526

    cc0526 New Member

    Thanks, I must have just missed it when I posted mine. Those resonses were very helpful.


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