Is this a flare?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrapkat, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. scrapkat

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    I've been feeling much better and calmer since quitting my job last week. This weekend I actually felt halfway normal even! Today however is another whole story. I can't think straight, am having trouble spelling even the similist of words, am hot and clammy, achy and tired. I might also mention that the weather has changed quite a bit the last couple days also. I know this is the fibro and I'm trying to take it instride. But man, it's hard. I am relatively new to all this and have been reading everything I can get my hands on about Fibro and am just wondering if this is what is called a flare?

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    That is exactly what a flare is. More than likely the weather triggered your flare. When I am going to get bad the first thing that happens is the cold and clammy. I am not having a good day either the weather here in Green bay is rainy and cold. You are lucky you don't have to work.
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  3. MrsRoseFromKy

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    Yes you are definitely have a flare up
    And more than likely it has alot to do with the change in the weather. Judy
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    Thanks you guys. Sorry I've been offline - ISP problems so I wasn't able to check back after I posted. I'm feeling much better now. So since flares are brought on also by weather I should be able to watch for them so to speak. I'm kind of used to weather related aches anyway with the foot/ankle fusions - it really kills me when the cold comes or it's raining or a front comes thru. Just one more thing to deal with I guess. Thanks so much guys. And I'm acutally finding it easier to deal with these health issues now that I"m not working. Of course next month when bill time comes and we are short my check that might not be the case. Oh well - I'm going what I have to for me. I've filed for unemployment which I know they will fight and am also waiting to hear on my disability.

    soft hugs everyone
  5. bknight104

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    Hi scrapkat

    Yes, that sounds like a flare. I'm still fairly new to all of this too. In my case, if I have a few days that I feely pretty good watch out because I will be in a nasty flare within a few days. It is somewhat of a warning sign for me. I just try to enjoy those good days while they last. Hope you feel better soon.