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    i have to take TERACYCLINE 250MG 4 TIMES A DAY FOR 14 DAYS. that 56 capsaules.
    OH MY GOD, for the h. pylori that i had in september. i was trying to use something from the whole food store that was recommended, but it didnt get rid of the h. pylori, instead after i decided to do another endoscopy, which was done on October 19, in my stomach, the fundus has a tiny polyp that was biopsied, along with the original endoscopy in the antrum,
    both biospy came back positive for the h. pylori. the dr. he didnt wanted to gave me anything for the anti viral, i fought him hard for some, i got 27 pills.

    I HAVE TO KEEP PROBIOTIC IN MY HOUSE, I have ordered Culturelle Probiotic Digestive Health with Dairy Free Lactobacillus GG yesterday, i was told that this is good to used when one is on antibiotics. I bought this not knowing i will be needing it, good think i did. in advance.

    Im also on an METRONIDAZOL,anti-infective drug for infection. 3 TIMES A DAY. FOR 14 DAYS. 42 PILLS. i hope that i dont develope diarrhea. so far first pill, nothing. i have 13 longggg more days to go. god help me.

    i was given other medication, for upset stomach and i have nexium to also take. im not taken that cause i dont have stomach problems, like indigestions. i have no stomach acid already i dont need to take that.

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    tetracycline can cause a yeast infection. Good thing you have the probiotics. You take the probiotic between doses, as the tetracycline will try to kill the good probiotic bacteria as well as the h. pylori. You should probably take the probiotic for several weeks after you stop the antibiotics.

    I remember I recommended kefir to you once, for a natural probiotic. Well, I just got some kefir grains last week and have been making my own kefir for a week now. It's amazing, keeps reproducing! The grains are alive, and they've doubled in a week so I sent some to my sister. It's very easy to make, and is suppsoed to be better for you than yogurt. If you're interested in making it, go to - she can send you kefir grains, and directions. You basically make it every 24 hours - add the grains to milk (I'm using powdered goat milk from Vitacost), it sits out for 24 hours, and then you strain it, and you have kefir. And you re-use the grains, add more milk to them. It just keeps going. Sort of fun. Yeah, exciting life when making kefir is fun!

    Good luck --

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    yes, about the tetraycline and yeast, yet the endo. dr didnot wanted to give me any anti fungal, and i know he knows it gave you yeast infection, i read it online.

    its a real good thing i have another set of antibiotic that my pcp doctor have given me back in early october, since she was the one that give me the blood test for the h. ployri, but i had refused to touch them, since i wanted to try the whole food supplement, THAT did not work.

    i decided that the clarithromycin is the one that i will use. i only have to take it twice a day 500mg. the tethraycline, was four time a day, 250mg, i cannot do that, at the end of the day both equal out to 14 days. i will take the clar. at 10pm tonight, and that will be it for the night.

    tomorrow one in the morning and the other in 8 hours. god i hope i dont get too much yeast, as im struggling with yeast, candida since april of this year.
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