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    I LOVE my job...and ALOT...
    I have been there for 4 months now and I really do enjoy it but heres the downfall...and I feel this is SO WRONG and Im SO UPSET about it....

    My office manager informed me (outside the office that is where no one could be spying on our conversations that is) that our wonderful boss watches us thru the computer on video (and his wife at home watches us too thru her computer via hidden cameras around the office) and also listens because there are hidden microphones around as well.
    Once I found this out well I FLIPPED! I knew in the beginning that he was "listening in" on things because I was warmed and well its quite obvious when he confronts you with things that he wasnt even around when they were discussed but VIDEO CAMERAS?????? HOW RUDE! HOW WRONG!

    I felt like someone violated me and I was so upset...go ahead and say Im overreacting but I felt like I was strip searched or something.

    ANyway, since hubby saw me upset then of course he flipped and got upset (he gets so upset when I get upset). He said its illegal for him to be doing this without informing any of us. The only way my office manager found out was "by accident" and from someone telling her "whatever you do do NOT talk about anything personal at the front desk...he hears all and sees all". Another girl that worked there before me walked in on him watching us thru his computer to make sure we were all doing our jobs and such.

    Id love feedback if anyone knows the law. I live in NJ so I dont know whether it would be a state law where its different in eveyr state or is it a federal law either allowing it or not allowing it.

    Its pethetic that if we need to tell each other something we have to write it down on a tiny piece of paper and act like we are showing each other a patients file so we can show each other without being caught. REDICULAS RIGHT?

    I think my obss has some real "issues" dont you all????
    Thanks for you help all!
  2. larryh

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    In most places in the US it is legal short of watching you while you are in the restroom. Read this article:

  3. dononagin

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    I work in a large restaurant/inn and we have cameras everywhere. They aren't particularly hidden and we don't have voice feed but I believe it is legal. It is messed up that you were not informed, but I know we have had secondary mini cameras in problem areas before to catch problem cashiers etc. Completly legal in Ca. at least.

    You would be amazed at the technology out there. I worked a meeting one time for a local casino and their security is so up to date that they can read the serial number on dollar bill from the ceiling cameras.

    I think maybe your boss is a bit parinoid and I'm sure you do feel violated.
    They had a camera in my office for a little while and it drove us nuts! We would forget about it and I'm sure security saw us adjusting bra straps etc. more often than not! I'm sure if they had voice feed in my office my face would be RED!!
    Sorry.. I know this isn't much help..
  4. Butterfly_of_grace

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    creepy about sums its up...thats how I felt when my Office Manager told me. Hes a wacko...we all know it. Even though he preaches about God and hes an awesome Doc, something just is "not right" upsatirs. I think hes a bit of a control freak. I often wonder what his marriage is like. He always brags how wonderful his marriage is and how great his life is...I bet theres more to it and he is just constantly trying to convince himself that his world rules over others. What I can figure out is that he s supposily real religious and runs his practice with alot of faith in God and such...but dont you think if he REALLY trusted God that he WOULDNT do this sorta stuff????
    I think he plays by double standards if ya ask me...if it suits him fine then its a go (meaning if he benefits from whatever then he will follow thru with that)....otherwise he wont acknowledge anything else aside from that.

    Oddly enough, he is ALWAYS asking me to proff read his handouts and flyers for him...he is always asking us to spell words for him while he is typing...sounds to me like hes really got some issues doesnt it?
    I guess Mr. Perfect isnt so perfect but he expects his practice to be and all his employees to be as well.
    AGAIN< HES GOT MAJOR CONTROL ISSUES as well as other issues.
  5. LindaH

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    Diane, I know you work in a chiropracter's office. Are the cameras in the patient areas too? That could be a real problem. How many people would go there if they knew they could be on camera? Very creepy.

  6. Kimba4318

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    surprised it is legal. I think that sucks! I would be paranoid... not like you are doing osmething bad, but just on edge! Makes my stomach turn.

    Sorry this is happening to you:-(

  7. JLH

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    I wonder if it is legal for his wife to be spying on you from her home -- she is not your boss, too, is she?

    I think I would call an attorney in your town and ask this question - surely he could answer this for free, or at least you would think so!
  8. Butterfly_of_grace

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    Well, from what my gutt tells me, I think wifey must be the one holding Dr. "you know whats" in the palm of her hand. When I started there I was specifically told NO tight clothes, NO low shirts or any cleavage showing, etc. Someone is insecure, something tells me its wifey...AND I thin it was the WIFES idea to have the cameras and the microphones but who knows.

    As far as the patients, this is my concern too. ISNT IT ILLEGAL TO BE VIDEOing THEM WITHOUT CONSENT? Isnt that considered going agains the prvacy act? We arent sure where the cameras are...Im assuming just around our desk area where no patients can really be seen except for when they sign in and pay their bill etc. But again, who knows...this is only speculation.

    I LOVE my job...theres nothing Im doing wrong so Im not worried about any of that...I just feel "icky" about the whole thing and I feel violated. YES BIG BROTHER IS CERTAINLY WATCHING...or should I say DR PARANOID IS WATCHING.
    thanks again for your responses.
  9. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Is there some free legal clinic inyour area that you could ask them? I wonder if you could call the ACLU and would they give you an answer.

    This is a double edged sword. Too bad you can't find the darn cameras and audio receivers and cut the wires!

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