Is this all really Microwave Sickness?

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    I’m posting this information for anyone who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS, fibromyalgia/FM, chronic Lyme, MS, ADD, ADHD, autism, or Alzheimer’s – to name a few.

    I’ve read probably 5 books on the subject of the non-thermal biological effects of chronic exposure to electromagnetic/radiofrequency/microwave radiation, including Nobel prize nominee Dr. Robert O. Becker’s Cross Currents and The Body Electric and B. Blake Levitt’s Cell Towers – Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard? and Electromagnetic Fields – A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves.

    You’ll quickly notice that the symptoms of Electrosensitivity (Microwave Sickness) are central to all of these illnesses. Sources of exposure to EMF/RF/MW include cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, not to mention the structures surrounding us that allow these technologies to work – cell phone and wi-fi towers and antennas, for example. HAARP is another culprit.

    I’m including plenty of links for you to investigate this matter for yourself. I’m not here to sell you on it. If you don’t believe these exposures are harmful after examining the evidence yourself, my attitude is you’re probably not sick enough yet. If I sound bitter, it’s because nobody seems to want to believe that these new technologies are unsafe, and I’m battling toxic encephalopathy from too many of these exposures, as well as chronic Lyme. Not to mention I watched my pets die one by one after some antennas went up behind my home. Consequently, these exposures compromise the blood-brain barrier, so I no longer even believe that the spirochete that causes Lyme has this ability naturally – I believe we gave it this ability.

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    I know. Sometimes I feel like even if there are dangers to these exposures, what's the average person going to do about it? The industry has all the control.

    Thing is all of my symptoms started on the left side of my head, and that was precisely what got me thinking the cordless phone I'd been using might be involved - I used to hold the phone to my left ear. Then when my ex developed a brain tumor on the right side of his head - same side he'd hold his cell - the possibility of adverse non-thermal effects became real.

    I never owned a cell phone. And it sounds stupid, but I never thought of my cordless phone as being similar to a cell phone, but eventually learned it was, and it was every bit as bad. I won't touch anything wireless anymore. Even sitting in front of this computer, though it's not wireless, makes me sick some days.