Is this an adrenal rush?

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    I have just recently been diagonosed with an autoimmune disease, who knows what for sure! I have ibs, history of blood clots, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, blurry vision, brain fog, migraines, dizziness, out of sorts, etc.

    One thing that I have really noticed lately is rapid burning sensation going through my body when something startles me. Someone said to me that this was adrenaline rushing through me.

    Is this a new symptom of something else going on, like my adrenal glands over reacting or something.

    I just recently went to an oriental medicine doctor and had my first accupunture and she put me on a tea mix for some of my symptoms. She wanted to work on the irritable bowel syndrome first and wants to get my body back on track as she said by my pulses that my body is depleted and my body is out of whack.....We shall see......Suzanne
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    So your doctor didn't say what autoimmune disease you have? or are they waiting for tests to diagnose you?

    I'm not sure if what you describe is an adrenal rush but does it also happen when you stretch and yawn, like when you first wake up in morning? I had this happen to me for months and no one could tell me what caused it. It was like nerve pain shooting down my arms...very painful but finally subsided somewhat. I also tend to jump at the least little noise or surprise which causes me to be weak but isn't especially painful. There are some hormone experts on this board that may have some answers for you.

    Good luck on the oriental doctor...let us know if this helps your IBS.


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    I just recently went to a rheumatologist doctor and he said that my blood work pointed to a autoimmune disease such as lupus, fibromyalgia but he wanted to send me to a endocrine doctor for further tests. My sister has lupus and fibromyalgia and she sees Dr Petrie at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. They dont do anything for her except give her steroid shots now and again. She also just last year had large cell non-hodgkins lymphoma which she went through chemo for. I begged her to go to a chinese doctor, but she wouldn't go yet. I say yet because I'm still trying to get her to go with me. She had a really bad cold last week and I told my chinese dr about it and she said that she wished she would have come to her because she would have knocked it out of her just like that.

    She also told me that she has treated a woman with fibro over a year ago and it hasn't come back yet. I was also told that sea cucumber is the strongest cancer fighting herbal remedy out there.

    I don't get the burning rush like needles and pins when I yawn or stretch (which sounds like a circulatory problem to me and maybe baby aspirin would help you), but if something startles me, like someone I'm riding with in a car quickly brakes or I think that a car will pull out in front of us then this is when it happens. It is immediately and ends just as fast as it happened. I also am easily startled and jumpy.

    I have heard that persons with parkinsons are helped by calcium. It has something to do with the alkalinity of their body and I don't know if they have too much acid or too much alkalinity in their body, but once this is straightened out it can stop the shaking. It may be somthing you can check in to. Let me know if you want me to help you check this out and I can also ask my Chinese doctor about this. If I find out any more I will let you know.

    Hope you feel better soon.....Suzanne

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    Please do a websearch for my name and you will find a lot more about adrenal problems. Sometimes my whole body turns red and burns.
    You are in the resistance phase of adrenal failure, and could really benefit from treatment of it.
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    Hi Suzanne,I was interested in your post,as I have the exact same problem. Very jumpy,and have this same type of rush you mentioned!!! Terrible....But I don't have the burning that was mentioned.Hope someone will explain this to us....Take Care,Fleeta
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    Hi Klutzo,I just saw the post you left for naturegirl,about the adrenals.Please,what do you mean by "adrenal failure"? I have this also,and wonder if I need to have this checked.Thanks so much....Fleeta
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    Thanks Suzanne for your response. I would really appreciate it if you asked her about the yawning/stretching pain. Your idea of it being circulation problem is very possible as this started at the same time I got frozen shoulder which can be caused by bad circulation due to nerve entrapment and a build up of myofascial trigger points. Thankfully it has gotten better but the shoulder is still somewhat frozen. I'm taking both magnesium and calcium as well as CQ-10 which is good for circulation.

    I usually check the board every day but you can also email me at (I have spam guard so don't mind posting the address).

    I truly hope you can get your sister some help & bless you for being so helpful. Thanks again!

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    I go back to the oriental medicine doctor monday at 2 15 after work and I will mention to her about this and see what she has to say. I will also ask her about the adrenal glands to get her opinion. I will let everyone here know what she says about this. Hang in there.....Suzanne
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    please go to the chronic fatigue website of Dr. Gerald Poesnecker. There you will find every possible answer in his Archives section.
    Also, due a search right here at the top of the page for "adrenals" and you will find all our previous discussion on the subject.
    I just wrote a descriptive post two days ago on what it's like to be in the resistance phase of Adrenal failure.
    Do not bring this up with a conventional doctor,as it is a waste of time. They do not believe in it. They are wrong.

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    I just got home from my visit with the oriental medicine doctor and as I promised I asked her about adrenal failure. She said that she does have a oriental medicine called adrenal support that she can give to people to keep problems from arising. She didn't really have any info on the rush that we are experiencing when startled.

    Of course if I find out anymore info along the way I will pass it along too. Thank you for your info and I will check out the info you all suggested too.....Suzanne
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    I think I am his first try at this because I had to tell him the name of the med he was looking for (Cortef) when he wanted to prescribe it. I'm sure that having me get saliva testing done by Great Smokies Lab was a first for him.

    He told me that he had tracked down someone at the most recent AACFS conference in Feb. and talked to him about it. I often take in ideas about suppplements for me to try and he may not be familiar with them, but he usually has no problem in letting me try them.

    At my last visit he actually pulled out a large book titled Alternative Medicine. I believe that there are docs out there who will slowly but surely begin to come around to using a holistic approach after seeing results from it. I do know that he really just wants what will be best for his patients and he spends a lot of extra time learning about these DD's for just that reason.