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    IS this another noni juice clone, i tried it and nothing for my CFIDS conditoin, this may be one of the things someone posted about sea brown seawood? i do't know someone e mailed a parapalegic friend some info on this product lst, then he passed it on to me and i contacted rhonda here is her e mail it's multi level you can figure out the website fro her e mail IS this another rip off you thinK.

    so skeptical i've tried so many things everything that helps exascerbated the sandpapery dry dry thrist fire ants burnign biting tingling rapsy dyesthesias cheeney calls them of my mouth tongue throat and bronchials,

    please imput anyone thanks Paul m.

    Hi Paul,
    My name is Rhonda.I am sorry on the delay for emailing you back with the info. My puter was down .I hace CFIDS and fibro. I has 2 auto acc. in 98, it all started then, severe. Pretty much bed ridden and house bound, Horrible life. I did all the natural stuff and nothing really lasted long, chiro as well, meds from doctors etc. Mainly just treated symptomatically. Last year, 05/02 I wanted to die if I had to go on feeling like I did. Much to my amazement God heard my cries and sent me this product. I was very skeptical as first but believed it was my answer from God. Sooo, I ordered a case without even trying the first bottle.I felt results pretty soon, sleeping much better, pain less severe and energy much better. As time had gone on , I am now 85% to 90% back to health. It is no cure all but have dramatically changed my life. I don't miss taking Limu ever because I really feel it if I do. I have referred lots of people to Limu with great results from most, blood sugars lowered, blood pressures lowered, acid reflux completely gone away, sleep restored, etc.........and many more. The main ing. in it dif. than other products is fucoidan, a polysaccaride natural occuring in the Limu Moui plant. This fucoidan has the ability to boost natural killer cells, boost immune system(ps I havent had flus , colds or viruses since on this product)encourages hepatic growth, etc. There are over 500 cloinical studies on Fucoidan at Go to that site and research as well as THELIMUCOMPANY If you are int. in ordering, please order under my referral #84835201. I can talk to you later on how to get your product cheaper, for now if you join as a member fee of $25, you can have it shipped to your address . or I can ship it to you. If you sign as a member, your product is cheaper. You need to consider staying on it for 2 to 3 months, to give it a good chance, also, with chronic problems as you have, you need to take more initially. It is a liquid, taste okay, can bee put in juice. I take 2 bottles amonth myself because of fibro. Please email me back and I will call you if you would like to answer any questions you may have. Thanks, God bless you much, Rhonda
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    Sounds pretty fishy to me. I wouldnt go for that!
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    fucoidan is the active ingredient in brown seaweed extract.
    Someone (I can't remember who at the moment) has tried and recommended it recently. If you put brown seaweed extract into a search engine, there is lots of info. The product they used was Modifilan.

    Like anything, it won't help everyone, but could be worth a try.