IS This contagous??

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    My SO and I have been reading DR. Nicolsons articles and a bit from Janet Riley also. I was content to trace my FMS back to my Hep B vaccines but now I am wondering. Are they right is this contagious, especially to those of us that are succeptible to it? Michael was in the Air Force and over seas but not in the Gulf, However he worked with and had friends who were. As for myself, I was already three days on the job at the hospital and met a good friend that was gulf war vet. He was really messed up, but I don't think he had GWS. I would really like to know what others think because we are thinking about doing the testing and treatment for micoplasma,,etc. The other part of the story is my daughter is thought to be chronic depressive and she had used every anti depressant there is...her sons are both ADHD. They are thinking of doing shock treatments because she is depressed. She's been this way for almost 10 years. She has all the signs of CFS. Also her mother in law came down with lupus about 7 years ago.
    I have an appointment with my doc. on the 2nd,and it will be the first since I was diagnosed with FMS. He is a great doc. and I knew him professionaly before I became a patient. He listens. If anyone has any advise or words of wisdom to pass on to him about the type of treatment DR. Nicolosn uses please let me know...I will take it with me.

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    the chicken or the egg? As I said earlier I was content to believe it was the Hep B vaccine for awhile because before I had the vaccine ( required to work in the hospital) I hadn't been to a doctor for 10 years. I had the hepb series
    and then had to have the booser because the series didn't build my resitance. Then I had the tetnus, and a year later a flu vaccine, which made me sick with flu like symptoms for 4 days.
    However within the year after I started work and before the flu vaccine I had a lot of fatigue,and was no longer able to sleep. By the time I started with racing heart symptoms high white blood count and some fevers, I was being treated for a fall that turned into a disability. I thought it was all connected to that. Likewise, as I said, I had a friend who was in the gulf war...son now I'm wondering where did it all begin. My worst symptoms have appeared in the last year or so and it's really hit me in the last few months. So I am really confused. It just may be that the vaccines started all of it and being with my SO who has CFS just made it progress into where I am at now. I have all of his "stuff" and mine to. OY! We are just trying to figure out where to go from here.
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    Our illnesses are contageous, per se, but I do believe that many of the infections which seem to trigger our illnesses can be contageous. The mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses had an active contageous stage and then went stealth and chronic.

    I beilieve that some of us have defective genes which make us vulnerable to these illnesses when our immune systems become overwhelmed. At the time I was infected with the mycoplasma(s), I had just moved out of my house into a condo and had just gone through a very painful divorce after years of a very stressful marriage. I was ripe for an infection of opportunity.

    Now that I have more knowledge about our illnesses, I can look clear back into childhood and recognize symptoms of my illnesses. I think our immune systems are like ticking timb bombs from the time we are born.

    Love, Mikie
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    I believe those of us who develop FMS and/or CFS have a genetic disorder that at some point in our lives reacts with an illness or traumatic/stressful event allowing a number of other disorders to develop - ie: auto-immune, depression, etc.