Is this dementia?

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  1. Adl123

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    Dear All,
    I'm writing about an old friend of mine, this time.

    She has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as Fibro.. She seems to have really bad cognitive problems,and I'm worried.

    This is the latest sign: she has started watching "So You Think You Can Dance?". Yesterday, she phoned me about 10 minutes after the program had started and told me that she thought that the tap dancer was the best. She thought that the playing of the old auditions was the competition!

    Things like this have happened before. She just doesn't seem to "get", or comprehend, what some things are all about. I want to suggest that she eat some berries, or something, to help her, but I'm afraid of getting her really upset, because I'm never really sure I'm getting my meaning across to her. She lives too far for me to go see her.(This is ann old high school chum, with whom I got in contact again only lst year, after over 50 years!)

    Does this sound like brain fog to you, or does it sound like dementia? I've heard that dementia comes along with Parikinson's.

  2. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Because of severe cognitive issues and unrelenting migraines, I went to a neurologist at Duke. I had very lengthy neurological testing. It showed severe cognitive dysfunction (non dementia) with Executive Dysfunction.

    At that time I knew nothing of CFS or FM. I was just very sick. My blood pressure was plummeting every time I stood and I had a host of other issues.

    I went to Pulmonary Specialist & Gastroenterologists and nothing was ever connected. All of these specialist said none of my problems were connected. That is until I went to a CFS specialist and found it was all connected.

    For 18 months or longer, I forgot the very basic things. I was word searching and unable to write. It was beyond scary. I still have lots of issues. I can only write on the computer. I can now read for short periods of time. I use timers to remind me to turn off burners or to remind of most everything...but it is better.

    I do everything that I can to support my brain. Sleep is major, do eat berries, take supplements, and try to stay away from stressful situations. I make things visible to me. My bathroom has to have all my supplies where I will see them so that I don't forget. To me out of sight out of mind has taken on a whole new meaning.

    Of course I don't know your friends situation, but yes, at one time, I could have done those things. It is hard now for people to understand, I went to a new neurologist recently and he said but you are intelligent and could not understand that I may or may not remember what he said when I walked out of the door. He evidently doesn't know what cognitive dysfunction means.

  3. barbinindiana

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    I have fibro and CFS. When I first came down with CFS. I speak to someone and what came out of my mouth was nothing like what I intended to say. I could hardly speak and sentence without out having trouble thinking of a word I wanted to use. I'd be talking and forget what I was talking about in mid sentence. Leave home and forget how to get to the grocery store (lived in this town ALL my life). Went to see a friend in the hospital and drove clear across town twice before I finally remember where the hospital was. I've needed to tell someone my address and could not remember the house number or street name (HOOOOW embarassing!!) I'm better now after over 7 years with this DD, but still have my moments. Then are time I can watch a movie I've seen before and remember almost none of it. None of this crazy stuff happened to me before CFS. It helps to have a good sense of humur. HA HA
  4. ohmygoodness

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    Hi all,

    My father had dementia, only 70 and died shortly thereafter.

    His mother had Parkinson's.

    My mother who is 74 has some issues and hers can be related to diabetes. We all call each other when we have a particularily odd conversation. Which is hard sometimes as she has always mixed us all up. ONce she called me here in AZ from PHila and it was my phone number but the message was about whose phone number it was etc. I thought geez can't you tell from the area code? It has to be me or your sister...oh well. so we just keep checking with each other.

    I have word recall issues about specific words or nostaglic things. Mostly when I am in pain.

    It's not fun and I feel pretty silly about it, I just blank. I'm 47, with fibro for 8 years now.

    Is there anyone else from your high school that is still in the area that you can connect with to check? Oh well, I know I can't help much.

    good luck, Karol
  5. jasminesmema

    jasminesmema New Member

    Everyone's postings about their cognitive DYSfunctioning was SO comforting!!

    That is a horrible thing to say, that another's misery brings you comfort, but this time it really did.

    I have been in a fibro crisis for ten days now. What comes out of my mouth is insane!

    I am new here. Your messages were reassuring. I need to try to get on this site more often!

    Bless all of you!!!

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