is this fibro fog

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  1. I have this panic feeling and I feel like I am not in reality or somehting bad is going to happen afraid to be around people.Sometimesmyu chest hurts but definetly just a strange feeling of loss and not understanding,I don't want anyone to talk to me of fear of saying or doing something wrong.Which I very well might because my communications skills are bad at these times. Ruthie
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    usually means confusion and forgetfulness.

    For example, I bought a phone card couple days ago; put it where I knew I'd be able to find it. It was then lost for 4 days until I came across it while looking for something else.

    I have been doing this kind of thing since I came down w/ CFS 25 years ago.
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    These symtoms sound as though you might be experiencing panic attacks.

    Are these feelings happening when you are out rather than at home?

    I would think about what conditions are causing the attacks (ie: stress ect.).

    If they continue I would speek to your doc about it.

    Best of luck,
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    Well, some of what you are relaying definately sounds like Fibro Fog.
    Some sounds like a panic attack.
    Perhaps the "lostness" of the Fibro Fog causes you to panic and then maybe you end up with a two fold problem????
    The chest pain has been attributed to Fibromyalgia though.
    I've discussed this pain with 3 cardiologists, the Primary doc and the Rheumatologist and they all say that the chest pain can be part of a Fibro Flare once they have done the proper testing to see if it is caused by my heart or something else.
    My Rheumy says that Fibromyalgia can make you have horrible head symptoms like forgetfulness, getting lost, being confused, loss of communication skills etc.......
    Hang in there. I immediately felt better about my FOG once the Rheumy was able to explain it to me.
    I still have the Fog but now I have a better idea as to what is happening to me and it does not feel quite as scary. It's still disturbinng but in a more informed way.
    Nothing like a little knowledge to put things into a more manageable place of coping.