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    Hey all-Ive been reading the board for symptoms like mine and I need help! I have been diagnosed w FM-but lately it seems the pain is most severe in joints more so than muscles. Am on Lyrica 200mg/day-don't think it's helping that, however it did help the numbness in my feet. I did 6 weeks of Cymbalta and the pain got so much worse!! (Had to stop that!) I am so stiff when I get up I can hardly walk and I can't make a fist. Some of my joints feel like they are swollen like basketballs but they aren't. Heat, topical rubs, and darvocet help for a little while. Dr says I don't have arthritis. Any ideas? If you think I'm nuts just say it!
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    Hi Faith:

    Sorry to hear that your in such distress, even though you have FMS there are other co-morbid disorders that can also be at work here. however,may be masked by your overall pain. First off other than Arthritis did your PCP or specialist rule out other disorders such as Lyme disase, Lupus, RA, Thyroid disorder etc.. if so have you been checked to see if you have trigger points, these are actually differnt than tender points, trigger points are a complex part of myofascial pain in specific areas of the body, evryone's are different, howver if you have a trigger point when you press on it it feels like a ropy band of tissue or a "knot". It is usually very painful to the touch, This often causes referred pain to other regions of the body. Devin Starnyl wrote a very good book on FMS and Myofacscial pain. Look in the library section and see if you can find out more info. Also talk with your doctor. If that doesn't work I would consider talking with a body worker or Chiroprator familiar with this disorder. If trained properly they can help work out the knots and tight bands of muscle, plus they help with reeducating you on keeping these muscles stretched and oxegenated. Try some mild strecting go slow at first as you do not want to overdo and "flare". Listen to your body its talking, its the figuring our part that can be so difficult. I hope this was helpful.

    Wellness to you,

    Suz 45
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    Thanks Suz45-I have terrible "knots" in my left upper back-thats what makes my whole left arm hurt. Sometimes like its just going to fall off! I've heard of trigger points but I didn't know what it was. I've been checked for everything you listed but Lyme-I'll go do that. Can steroids help the general stiffness/burning/pain? I haven't seen that listed as a treatment.
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    Hi again,

    Glad this helped you out, I do know of people who have had Trigger point injections usually with Lidocaine, Steroiids are used usually as last resort. However, a big portion of it I believe is working the kinks out of the knot and reducing the inflamation. I prefer a more holistic approach. At this point chiro or accupressure my choice. Talk with you doctor. I know my Family physician was willing to refer to a chiro, some MD's are more open minded than others.

    Also are supplementing most people with FMS are lacking alot, keep reading the board, also a good high complex B vitamin along with magnesium, malic acid, general vitamin, vitamin C and I also use Flaxseed, Vitamin E, Acidophilus. Before you do any of this always... check with a doctor, and never start them all at the same time as if you have a problem you won't know which one is cousing the problem. I also drink alot of herbal teas with antioxadants, limit caffeine, sugar, procesed foods. Keep reading this stuff is tough to deal with, hopefully other posts will also be helpful.


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    Will oral steriods help the overall problem? I feel like my body is just mad as H*** and inflamed. There's got to be an answer.....
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    How do you deal with your joint pain?

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