is this herxing from garlic?

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  1. HagerTX

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    Earlier this month I bought some garlic gelcaps (500mg). I tried a couple of them a while back and I had reaction--- it made my face flush and sweat for a while. (This is a common reaction for me to certain foods containing flavonoids)

    For some reason I tried the garlic again, no significant sweating thankfully, but within 30-45 minutes I start to feel run down,(slight headache, more tired, generally ill). Is this the herx effect? This happened yesterday when I took a pill mid afternoon and it happened earlier this morning.

  2. lenasvn

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    I would like to know the answer to this question too.
  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I get it worse on garlic, depending on how much I take. Do you get the same symptoms from other things that cause die off like probiotics, and antioxidants that double as antifungals like grapeseed, olive leaf, etc?

    If you are sensitive to other flavinoid foods, then it could also be an allergy. If you take your pulse before and after ingesting garlic, it will give you an idea. An allergy will cause a significant increase in pulse. When I go for allergy testing we always have to do the pulse before and after for this reason.

  4. HagerTX

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    I've got a lot of food allergies. I have type 1 (immediate) allergies to nuts but I have type 2(delayed) to wheat (based on allergy skin testing, celiac blood test), plus mold susceptible food. I tend to have a hypersensitivity to flavonoids (makes my face/head sweat), as I've gotten older it will give me stomach trouble too.

    Anyway, when I eat most foods, my pulse will go up. Take Ocean Spray Cran-strawberry juice for instance, I drink it just about every day. my pulse will jump after breakfast and slowly go down over a period of 2-3 hours after drinking it. So with me it's difficult to tell what's giving me trouble, although I've kept a very detailed medical diary (including diet) to try to correlate symptoms with foods/meds. Either way I'll keep an eye on it, thanks.
  5. HagerTX

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    I haven't taken any grapeseed extract or olive leaf in 6-7 years but I don't recall feeling any detox symptoms.

    I've been taking a probiotic for ~10 days now (twice a day), and no adverse effects
  6. skierchik

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    My feeling is that you're are not herxing and it is a milder allergic reaction. I just don't think that is enough garlic to herx on. I take 5grams a day, you only took 500mg which is nothing. You might want to back off of those foods that you're allergic to and detox with other supplements that you're not reactive too. The probiotic is great and you can take larger amounts if you want to detox.

    Have you been to the coconut website and message board. Coconut Oil is a great way to detox and once you get through will give you energy and keep you healthy. Check it out, it's pretty cool. Have you looked into Japanese detox foot pads?? Try

  7. HagerTX

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    thanks for the info. Yeah I think the flavonoids in garlic give me trouble. I'm taking a supposed concentrated probiotic twice a day, but I may take more and see how that goes.

    Oh and thanks for the link but I'm allergic big time to coconut (and most tree nuts). I get that itchy/burning feeling in my mouth and throat. Discovered this when I was a toddler.
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  8. skierchik

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    Sorry about that!! Have you thought about a Far Infrared Sauna?? This could really help you detox. For some people once they heal to a certain extent they don't react to things that they once used to. Anyway, just a thought.

  9. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    Hadn't considered that but thanks for the suggestion.

    I need to focus on eating better. More than likely I'm going to take a long term shift in my diet toward the 'alkali producing foods'. It's been suggested by many sources throughout the years. I'm going to try to cover some of the basics like this before I try anything else.

  10. skierchik

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    That's a really healthy thing to do. I drink alot of green drink. I fill up a 32 oz old glass juice bottle with green drink about every other day. When it's cold out, I don't like to drink it as much. It's very alkalizing and very healthy. Tastes gross, but it gives me energy.

    I just order a Far Infrared Sauna from Heavenly Heat Saunas. I'm so excited because it's the best way to get pesticides and mercury out of your system and according to my doctor he thinks this is the reason I have CFS. I feel he is right because ever since I started his detoxing program, I am feeling better. My dad used to spray lots of pesticides inside our little house and my mouth was filled with "silver" (50% mercury)fillings my whole life.

    Hope you're doing better too.

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  11. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    What is in the green drink? I hate to ask but if it is working I might give it a try. I think pesticides was one of the things that did me in too and I have fillings!!!
  12. lease79

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    I LOOOOVE garlic, but I am sure that it is making me herx.
    I eat natural garlic, a couple of cloves a day, or I juice it. Within a couple of days I start to feel worse. 10 times worse :x Just all my normal symptoms intensify :(
    Does this sound like herxing??
  13. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    There are all kinds out there, but it's just a matter of trying out different ones and seeing which taste better to you. At my vitamin store, there is one called Alchemy. It tastes terrible but is a high quality one.

    The ones that doctors sell is called "Greens First". It contains stevia and I don't like stevia, so I personally haven't tried that one, but hear good things about it.

    The one I buy most often contains barley grass, alfalfa, vegetables (kale, broccoli, carrot etc.), red beet juice, shiitake extract, ginger root, dried garlic & aloe vera. It's organic and called Magma Plus. It was invented by Dr. Hagiwara, but he goes by Bob. Check out or he has an 800 number, 800-777-4430.

    It's good to buy different ones, so that you get a variety of nutrients. Different brand really vary in ingredients. If you have a good vitamin store, you should have a few to pick from.

    Jane, you might want to try the detox protocols my doctor is having me do. It wouldn't hurt, especially, if you think pesticides and metals could be your problem too. I have posted them if you want to check them out. It's DEFINITELY helping me and they're not hard to do.



  14. TwinMa

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    About two days after I started garlic, I felt fluish and achy. This reaction only lasted one day.

    I started with 100 mg. I used the Schiff brand and they come in 100 mg odor-reduced capsules.

    Each time I went up in dose, I got the same reaction. I only went up by 100 mg at a time and only upped my dose once every two weeks. The reaction was always 2-3 days after upping the dose and always only lasted 1 day.

    I finally reached 500 mg and decided I didn't want to take 5 garlic pills a day! So I changed brands. The brand I'm currently taking is 600 mg.

    So it sounds to me like you were definitely having either an immune response or a herx from die-off. You might want to try a lower dose of garlic and work your way up. Sounds like you are sensitive to it, like me. I figure that means it is working!