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    the tiredness, fatigue, confusion, aches, pain, sleeping NOT sleeping, stiffness, hating noise, people, light,depression, earaches, deafness, tinnitus, sore feet, NO friends, understanding, compassion, tollerance and many more I cant remember

    I know there are younger out there but Iam 58 and this is and has really changed my life, not all for the bad some for the good as well cuase now I appreciate the quiet and solitude, my partner

    But still i ask is this my lot till the day I die?????

    Am so confused, depressed, alone and in so much pain and thank God for this board

    angel hugs and blessings


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    I know the frustration that you feel. Unfortunately I have no answer. I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I will keep you in my thoughts, as I pray for a cure.
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    we love you!! and need you , your helping us when were hurting, sad and need someone to talk to or just being here helps us know we aren't alone

    also were sisters and brothers here , a family that truly gets and understands each other more than really anyone else could. weirdest thing i guess is will never meet ,

    but we still can feel each other through our words or lack of them. that alone is a blessing, a closeness we all here share.

    even though its not something we want but at least we have that part as a positive , yes?

    your fibrosister, mona----aka BLKKAT
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    I often ask myself this, I'm 58 too and the past two years have been really bad, I'm lucky if I'm out of bed 3 or 4 days a month.

    This illness can really wear you out and get you down, I just keep thinking that one day I'll get a break of a few months at least - maybe this year - even better they might get off their bahookies and find a cure for us.

    Chin up Connie, remember you are very precious to your husband and your son. When I think of how useless I am, I remember that my 31 year old daughter, my 26 year old son and my husband still depend on me - for my

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    No, you will not be this way forever. Some things may improve a bit, and you may trade for a different set of problems. But does it all go away? No. Plus age complicates things even more. If you have a family, problems rise in proportion to the size and ages of your crew. Lonely is a word that we are all familiar with.

    I am 63. My husband retired July 1, and diagnosed with cancer July 27. He is here 24/7. I had all his working years to move at my own pace, in my own order, now all complicated with another person staring at a woman still in her bathrobe with hair not done at noon..

    My suggestion is: the few minutes or few hours you have on the plus column..... revel in them... My own philosophy is not very optimistic as I am known to say for every hour of GOOD I pay ten days of BAD.

    I sleep more. Take more pills. I have learned to say NO to doctors and family. No more PT, no massage, nobody touching me. Let me move at my own pace. No matter who I shop with they have to look back and see if I am still back there.

    I find I spend more times in reverie: eyes closed, pretending I am 19 again, with a good body, and create. Kind of like the build a bear places in the malls where you pick a bear, then stuff it and dress it.

    Sweetie.... do what you can when you can. There is no magic, no pill, no real relief. Some people see the glass as half full. Wait....... I can't seem to see the glass some days.
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    may god bless you and i hope things get better. Jupitor
  7. Boy oh boy many days I ask myself this. I have had this all my life and I am 61 now. BUT I still have hope and pray one day I will feel better. Lets pray for all of us to be healthier in 2008. Yes this board has been a life saver for me, as I knew no one with fibro/cfs besides ME!
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    I have to agree with the fact that acceptence and Management are the keys that helped me also! my attitude is on the positive side much more these days,,,,Because thats who i am on a normal basis,,,,,

    It's hard to think of being in this state for the rest of our lives!,,,,,,,Definetly a one day at a time attitude helps!

    Although i have to attribute some of my wellness to a much healthier diet and alot of stretching exercises,,,and also a Very Great Rhumy!,

    If i think about complaining,,,,,what always comes to mind are people who are much worse off than us Medicaly and Mentaly,,,,,,,,

    Paceing myself makes a dramatic difference in the way i Feel!,,,,,,,,,We are all in this with you!,,,,,,HUGS!,,,,,Sis
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    Tomorrow marks the seventeenth anniversary of my getting CFIDS and becoming totally disabled. Unfortunately, seventeen years later and all the things you mentioned in the first post still apply. There is no life from this. The physical pain is unbearable. And I don't see it changing any time soon. When people have had the nerve to tell me that there are worse things or it's not the end of the world, they are wrong. CFIDS destroys your world and takes it all away.

    It's hard for me to keep having any hope at all when this much time has passed and nothing is changing. All the symptoms are still here. I still cannot exercise or work. I still can't have any kind of a life whatsoever with this illness. I'm always too fatigued, in too much pain. Just plain not well enough to do anything.

    I used to be an optimist. But now, I just don't really see a light at the end of the big black hole.

    I wish I could post a cheery thing, but this is my reality.
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    I have been asking myself the same question. I am only 35, and it seems like this stuff just keeps getting worse and worse, faster and faster. I wonder if it will ever end.

    But I am not giving up (at least not today) I get frustrated with this DD, but I try to look at the good things I have in my life. I have so much to be thankful for.

    Some times I have to really push myself out of the frustration, and sometimes I just stay there, but eventually I try to be positive.

    Prayers and very gentle hugs,

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    I thank you all so much for the replies and feel very thankful for the much inspiration you have send

    for those who are not as well and have given me a glance of the reality in their lives which is in mine also....

    I take my hat off for all of you so many of you so much younger when diagnosed and here Iam feeling sorry for myself!!!!!

    I find it very dificult to focus on any one thing that maybe be pro active.... Just having had christmas the sweets in my diet have been over the top, no control whatsoever.....

    I will start again tomorrow and pace as best as I can for that day and think of all of you on this board when
    sepression sets in and carry on regardsless .....

    I know there are angels around me as I speak to them at times and I will try to continue this

    Learn to focus and become independent again in a new way....

    Thank you my angels on the board

    angel hugs and better health to you all
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    Yeah right! or let sleep take over and hopefully feel better tomorrow!!!!

    Its so hard to be optimistic all the time, luckily I have a husband who is very optimistic and I lean on a lot on thos dark dark days

    angel hugs and smiles