Is this my brain, the meds or am I just crazy??? Please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PepperGirl52, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I have a real doozy for you all. I don't know-maybe someone here can top this, but right now, I'm thinking not.

    I have been planning a trip to see my son, in Sacramento, for six months. He is off in January (teaches year-round school). Then after visiting him for 4 days, I was to leave Sacramento, and head to Anchorage, where my daughter lives, and do the same-4 days, then head back to Arizona.

    Like I said, booked this all in May. My husband found out in December, he had time off, so we got him a ticket as well, just to Sacramento (he'd just been to Anchorage in Sept.), but on a different airline, to save $$.We both looked at that itinerary so many times I can't even count!

    OK, I show up at the Delta counter on Thursday, put my e-ticket in the machine and nothing. The man standing there asks me if there's a problem. I tell him it won't go through. He tries it, same thing. He takes it to his counter and tries again. Asks me if I missed a flight somewhere along the line, I say, 'Geez, I hope not!'. Then he hands it back to me, and says, 'sorry lady, this was for YESTERDAY'!!!

    I had totally missed my flight by TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!! Did I ever feel like an idiot!! Now, my husband is at his terminal, across the airport, with MY luggage-'cause it's heavier-and I have his! I call him and tell him what happened, and I'm so upset, I say, 'I'm just going to rent a car and go home!' He comes over-his plane leaves 2 hours later than mine. Then we talk, and he talks me into coming with him on HIS flight, if there are openings, which there were. Of course, I paid over $400 MORE for spending the weekend in Sacramento than I had already paid for my entire trip!

    Thank God, Delta refunded the entire cost of my ticket! Well, they gave me a voicher, so hopefully, God willing, I'll head back up in May, when my grand daughter comes down here to be with her dad.

    What do you think? Is it all these freaking meds? Do I have more lesions on my brain?? Am I just a slobbering idiot? Too much on my mind-or not enough brain cells?

    I take methadone, topamax, klonopin, cymbalta, doxepin, and vicodin for break-through pain. I'm in pain CONSTANTLY, never stops, day or night! I've had 4 spinal surgeries, the last in July.

    I mean, this is really getting scary, to the point, I'm afraid to drive alone, stay alone with my grand kids, be responsible for anything! God, what if I'm getting alzheimers or someting??? I know, I'm freaking over just ONE incident, but my husband said he has seen a significant difference in me in the last few months.

    Thank God I have a wonderfully supportive husband. He was so kind and reassuring. Not all men would have been there and done that, that's for sure!!

    Just need some input. THANKS!!! PG
  2. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    what's the reason why you have brain lesions? I have 4-5 of them(MRI back in 2003) from my migraines.(so I am told)I have been wondering too if my memory is shot because I have fibromyalgia or is it because of my brain lesions,or both.I do stupid stuff too.
  3. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I got the date wrong on an airplane ticket once too, before I got sick. (At the time I chalked it up to Absent-Minded Professor Syndrome (APS).)

    And I recently read that a young fellow who booked on the Internet wanted to fly from Germany to Sydney Australia.....and instead ended up (after two plane changes) to board a puddle-jumper to Sydney Austrlia. Nobody in the news articles acted like he had any mental problems---he just said something like, he felt like an idiot.

    (The article got lots of press precisely because other people were afraid that the same thing could easily happen to him.)

    Personally, I do have a few more short-term memory problems than I did before I got sick. They almost all have to do with not knowing where in the parking lot I parked the car......and are due to the fact that I'm feeling so crappy when I get out of the car that I don't notice where I am. (So it's not memory loss, it's just that the memory never was inputted.)

    And in your case, booking a flight in May and then flying the next January.....of course you'd have no idea of the date. I'd check that kind of thing at least five times. Would have before I got sick. My husband travels all the time, and he checks travel tickets numerous times too. They're pretty hard to read sometimes, for one thing.

    Based on the story you just told, I would advise just paying a bit more attention when things are really important and then not worrying about it any more.

    If there are other less explainable incidents, you can reconsider worrying.
  4. applecrisp

    applecrisp New Member

    I have always had short term memory problems since I was young. I remember doing my math homework and the next day getting 98% but not remembering how I did it. I had a great teacher in grades 6-9 who understood then showed me how I did it and I was like "oh yeah!!" unfortunatly in high school when I asked how I did my homework, the teachers thought I cheated.

    I forget a lot of things, and when I write them down, I tend to forget where I put the paper. I often worry about altzimers too.

    Fact is memory loss is a symptom of Fibro and anxiety...lucky me. I can be talking abouit something real interesting and mid sentence I go I say "never mind...lost it" and we all laugh. My family and friends are real understanding.

    Not sure, betcha its meds and symptoms. But what a pain.

    Dont worry...even people who have no illness have moments like these.
  5. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    First, sorry you had that freaky experience!!

    My memory started leaving me when I was in my 40's; now in my 60's; hubby in his 50's. Mine has become so bad, I don't trust anything I do, and doublecheck everything; still it's a daily happening.

    Hubby's has become really bad since turning 50's & he's healthy as a horse. It is scary, and just about the time we think we've done something, just need to go back & check.

    Forgetting trivial things, I just give it a wash anymore, unless I want to do the worry/obsess routing, which is not fun!

    Now walking around with your glasses "on" & looking for them is a "trivial" thing!!

    HEALING LIGHT TO OUR BRAINS!!!..................carole
  6. Mwitherite

    Mwitherite New Member

    I can't top that, no. But I can absolutely see this happening to me. I find myself losing words and using the words like and uh (I HATE that). I am glad your husband is kind enough to support your like that. My husband is not so kind, I'm still training him. He has gotten better. I do the whole wrong date thing a really lot and it's already getting old.

    Warm Regaurds - M
  7. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member

    I have had keys in hand and have completely blasted out my 17 year old son before...he drove the car last, where are the darned keys?!?!?! Ya know, teens can be soooooo irresponsible, yatta yatta yatta. Looked down eventually, and they were hooked onto my fingers...boy I felt like the heel that I should have felt like.
  8. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    Believe me, I REALLY need it right now!! I'm so embarrassed, still. I'm not a lying person, but right now, I'm just telling people that my daughter and I felt it would be best to go back in May, when the weather isn't so brutal. Not a COMPLETE lie, right????

    Good to know that you all understand and can also relate on some level.

    I'm not even sure if I have brain lesions-my doc says 'probably', so I've assumed. Fibro does that to you, and from my symptoms, we've just gone with it. Too expensive and not covered by all the HMO's to check 'just for the heck of it'. If you know what I mean.

    Anyway, this does make me feel better. For those who do NOT understand, or will utilize this to somehow make me feel like a boobie, I just have to move on, and know that I've been fighting hard for the past 2 1/2 years just to maintain what I have NOW! And I'm not going to allow them to take anything away from me!!!

  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    You sound like you have a wonderful husband. I am so happy it all worked out well for you.

  10. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    A few years back, our principal at the school where I taught second grade was giving the second grade teachers a new schedule for music. There was only one slot that would work with my schedule, and 7 teachers, so I turned in my choice as soon as I got it.

    The next day the schedule was made out, and my students were scheduled to have music during their morning recess time! I crumpled the schedule into a ball and threw it at the secretary's desk and stomped out. Soon the principal was standing at my door.

    He had my original request in his hand. You guessd it, I had checked the box that had music when my students were out at morning recess!!

    That was before I got sick!!

    Just one of those things!
    Don't be too hard on yourself!
    Hugs and love...

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