Is this normal for Fibro???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AppleDumplin, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. AppleDumplin

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    This just hasnt been a very good day for my hubby at all. He has spent the better part of the day, and a 70 degree day at that, under a heated blanket turned on high and freezing. Do any of you have that problem?? He is trying to hard to maintain something "normal" in his life. He is a volunteer fireman and yesterday was their annual BBQ and Brunswick stew dinner. After working down there all day, on his feet, wow today is just PAIN PAIN PAIN. I hate seeing him like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, instead of Apple, just call me FRUSTRATED!!
  2. teranan

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    Hi AppleDumpling I'm new to the boards and never replied to a post before. Been observing for some time and am so impressed with the knowledge how wonderful and helpful everyone is here.I have so much to say I could write a book,but I'll get to your request about being cold. I too have a problem being cold,oversensitive to it,I drive my wife crazy trying to keep warm when Ishould't be cold.It just one more crazy symptom of this DD.Also I get sick very easy. Your husband may have caught a chill,and getting the latest bug going around.Try to hang in there and be there for him.I know how he feels beleive me,and could'nt possibly deal with all this pain and all the crazy other stuff if my wife was'nt with me.You don't have to do anything in particular just care. A man feels like he can't be strong anymore,because we now are'nt.Its tough for us macho guys to accept. And I did write a book. I hope this helps a little. Tell him he's not alone
  3. Seagull

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    My usual body temp runs below 97.5 and sometimes is only 96.5 degrees, so I can empathize with his problem.

    And, it gets even more challenging at times. Anywhere I go, I have to take a heavy shawl or afghan with me, because the bottom half of my body will be freezing, while the top half is sweltering.

    My doctors have assured me that this is all part of "the beast" (FMS). And, you are right, it is very frustrating.
  4. jeanderek

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    That is part of that flu feeling that we all have some days I cant get cool enough and others i cant get warm enough. Its so strange but this has been my experience with it. When I can't get warm I ache all over there is no specific place that I hurt its just all over. It that our thermostat is broken or something. I have had fibro now for 5 yrs could be longer but only found out what was giving me problems back in August of last year. I have had just about every symptom there is. I am glad to know that your husband has someone to take care of him because this illness is so hard on us and alot of times we feel so alone in the world. If he doesnt get to feeling better in a day or so esp with the chilling then he might want to go for a doc visit just to make sure he doesnt have the flu or an infection. I hope he feels better really soon and you take care of yourself as well try not to worry to much or you will make yourself sick too, I hate when my hubby gets sick. Its hard seeing a man like that because they want to be strong for us and they feel like its taking thier manlyness away or something for us to see them like that. Take care sweetie

  5. Tattoopixie

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    I am in AZ & some nights I get under my warm electric blanket.... My kids say I'm crazy but I'm cold. Then all day I'll run the A/C because I'm hot.... It changes from day to day & hour to hour. Good thing I'm the one in charge! Normal? Uh....who's normal here? LOL!
  6. Bellesmom

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    noticed that I had written down that my legs and feet felt cold inside but normal to the touch.

    I still get that very often and there seems to be no reason for it. One minute I'll be fine and the next I'll be looking for the hot water bottle or wrap my feet in my robe (I'm always in bed). My hands have that problem, too, but I've been sensitive to cold or wind when outside for years now that I look back on it, just not as bad. I can't figure any of this out, can you?

  7. AppleDumplin

    AppleDumplin New Member

    Thanks to you all for your replys. I'm still trying to learn all I can about this DD so it's really helpfull when you all reply. Just as I fiqured, it's just another symptom of this crazy illness.

    Teranan - I'm going to make sure my husband reads yours so he can see that he isnt the only man with this DD. It sure gets frustrating not knowing what I can do or say to help but like yours, our vows said "for better or worse", so he has me for the long haul.

    Seagull - I spent most of the morning yesterday with a thermometer in my hand and in his mouth. When it kept registering 96.0, he said " the dang thing is broken". I guess his body temp is just below normal like you said yours is sometimes.

    Jeanna - Thanks for your reply. Your right about the "manly" part. I think that leads to alot of his emotions these days. I try to do all I can to make him feel involved in everything so he doesnt feel that way but sometimes he does anyway. Next time his temp is that low, I'll just tell him that his "internal" thermometer is broken, not the one we just bought.

    Pixie - I know North Carolina doesn't get as warm as AZ so It's hard to understand feeling cold like that. Your right though..what is "normal" anyway?? :)

    Pam - I had not thought of keeping notes or a journal like that until you mentioned it. That is a great idea! I should start doing that for everyday that he is between appts with the doctor so they know each day what went on with him. Thanks for mentioning that. As for your last comment, I can't fiqure ANY of this out! But, I'll keep on trying along with the rest of you...

    I wish you all the best!! Soft hugs to you all and thanks again for being there....
    God Bless...
  8. pam_d

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    I would describe one of my chief symptoms of Fibro as my body's thermostat being broken! I shiver & can't get my extremities to warm up at all (when everyone else in my household is hot), but as soon as the weather warms up, I can't tolerate heat or humidity at all; my hands swell & my face turns beet red, & I run a low fever the minute it approaches 80F degrees. I spend a lot of time in air-conditioning in the summer, & freeze (I can never turn up the heat so that it's warm enough) in the winter. Tell your husband I can relate----I go everywhere with a heating pad! I hope he feels a little better soon.....

  9. Shaylee

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    The temp thing is normal for FM but do not take for granted everything is caused from this. He actually could have the flu etc...

    The pain in his feet is very normal. I went to the grocery store yesterday and had to unload my groceries as my husband is a truck driver and is not here all the time. Today it is pain, pain, pain in my legs, feet, and back.

    The word frustrated is also commonly used now in my vocabulary so keep your chin up. I pray for all of us nightly and that includes your husband.

    May God be with us all and I love the both of you.