Is this normal tight band around chest

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    shortness of breath, like I really cant get a full breath, sob upon rising, lifting my arms above head, lightheadedness
    NMH?POTS? I've been having this for about 5 days now, went to doc the other nite did ekg and everything checked out ok the doc I saw that nite said slight bundle branch but he told me to call my reg doc who works in the same office in the morning. I did and he was PO"d at the other doc, said the only thing that he saw on my ekg was slight conduction but it is not a concern. My heart is fine. The muscles along my spine are very sore. I suppose just another one of those sx of this disease. But will have to ask my doc about NMH/POTS. I even asked the doc if he could hear the click of MVP but said i am just family doctor here, I took as sarcasm. Thanks for all of your help.

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    It sounds like Costrochondritis, which is inflammation where the muscles join to the bones of the ribs. It will cause that feeling of a band around the chest. Most of us with FM seem to get this often.

    I seem to hyperventilate when this happens, and will take an Advil gel capsule for the pain and inflamation and put a heating pad around my ribs. I will also take a low dose of Xanax for the shortness of breathe as it is caused (for me) by anxiety.

    HOpe you are feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    and did just what shril does it does go away but made me very nervous its a scary feeling tight around the chest and no one understands about the deep breath thing my doc is a jerk, i had xrays ekg my spine hurt its costo and its one of the worst things i had i rather go give birth sgsin at least u get something in return for the pain you will feel betterni did take care val
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    t lvatethanand spasuming can't wait. I also find a chrio can help some to.

    Good luck, Kim