is this normal????

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    sorry to keep on posting but have been so irritable mood swinging driving me nuts . I Have had to take more of my nerve pills just so i can tolerate using my adrenastim cream and my pantathenic acid i find myself just wanting to cry scream . i do not understand everything i try for my adrenals seems to make me irritable has anyone else had to endure this ????? mary i know you have taken numerous grandulars for your adrenals and did well . i start out ok and then i just seem to have a bad time . i need a break from this
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    I don't know why you have such a hard time with the adrenal glandulars. I can't even guess because I've never experienced this.

    What really helped me a lot was seeing a competent chiropractor who did muscle testing. He would test each supplement before giving it to me, to see if it was what I needed. So someone like that may be able to help you. They can do muscle testing before you try something to see if it is good for you. He or she might very well find something your regular doctor is not aware of. I don't care if it sounds crazy - my chiro helped me so much when the regular docs were just clueless. A good way to find one is to go to the Standard Process website and contact customer service, who will give you the names of practitioners who use their products.

    I wish I had answers for you - I would really try the muscle testing - it has helped me so much -

    Take care -

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    Went to my integrative dr. They screwed up my adrenal test . So now I have to do them all over again . Mary I muscle test strong on all the glandulars and adrenastim and adrena calm I just hate it that I cannot tolerate alot of them due to my stomach and the saliva test showed I am hyperadrena state ??? Someone put relora is like the seriphos so I bought a bottle of that I can only take 2 panthathenic pills a day my pancreas does not tolerate it well . Sorry to be such a constant complainer just trying to calm them suckers down . I cut the adrenacream back to a small squirt and man that just makes me so irritable also my body temp was 97.3 nurse said kind of low dr said nothing. Confused!!!
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    Thanks everyone for posting u all are my only support my husband is at his wits end with me !!! Dr office nurse said I just need to relax . Believe me I would if I could body just won't let me . Just was reading over my morning cortisol test dr said she wants me to do the whole thing over but it said adrenal stress causes functional adrenal insulin resistance ??? So not sure if this goes along with high cortisol . Just having a dysfunctional day . GOD Bless u all for being here