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  1. Maltese

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    HEY ALL.......I WAS WONDERING, HAS ANYONE EVER BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH VERY LOW IRON STORES, WHILE HAVING THIS ILLNESS, OR COULD IT BE THAT I AM NOW DEVELOPING CFS? I had ruitine blood work recently, from my Dermatologist, because my Eczema, was looking pretty bad. Have lots of sores on arms, neck, and back. It is Eczema, according to the Derm, but now have very low iron. What's weird is that I'm not anemic yet, but I am completely and totally, depleted of iron stores. Anyway, my regular doctor, has told me to go to the Gastrointerologist, to rule out any slow bleeds, possibly in stomach. I have had at least 2 Colonscopies, last one in 2005, and recent Endoscopy, in March of 2006. Everything looked fine, except a few polyps, and was diagnosed with Diverticulosis. I think it is due to this illness, it really depletes your energies. I hope that doctors see this, because it's not a simple diagnosis. If you have any clues to this.....let me know........Thanks for reading, Bonnie
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    I dont have an answer for you... I havent had any experience with that, or read anything about it.. but I just wanted to send you a hug and my empathy with the doctors and their tests. I had to have two colonoscopys in the past two years and they suck!

    so just sending you some positive energy and strength

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    been dxed with real low potassium...
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    been checked for A-plastic anemia? or cancer? I hate to ask those questions because they are so frightening. But check everything. I have a friend who was tired all the time; his red blood count was nil; turned out his bone marrow was not producing. He has A-plastic anemia and it's very serious.

    Also, will your doc allow you to take iron? there are herbal teas high in iron if you'd like to try one of those; they go straight to the blood.

    prayers & ((((hugs))))
  5. Maltese

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    Hello Gurlinottawa......thank you so much for all your empathy, and good luck wishes. I so appreciate it. Yes, those Colonoscopies are horrible, but I guess, well needed.
  6. Maltese

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    Hi not yet, but I'm sure the focus will be on reviewing, and focusing on blood issues.......Thanks for your concerns, and yes, I do think about def. has been on my mind, but trying to keep positive. Bonnie (Maltese)
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    My gp says all women should take extra iron. He suggested an iron supplement, over the counter, as long it says ferruos sulfate.

    I use a drug store brand 65mg - 1 per day, very inexpensive.

    My gp says this helps with RLS also, which I have been dx'd with.

    Hope this info helps.
  8. my liver & pancreas enzymes are elevated--or were in January. I was suprised that my doctor didn't do a thing, really--especially since it was the only doc that really truly cares & tries hard to help me...

    He IS getting ready to do an entire humongous(can't wait to see the cost!$$$$$) blood & urine panel(s) and one checks every vitamin from A-Z

    I can't take calcium, or many other vitamins, they really make me sick, my mom is the same way. Even taking tums, which help my pancreas attacks better than the $300 enzymes I'd been on for years, with the calcium they have in them---will keep me nauseated the entire day (and leave an awful taste in my mouth)..but it's better (I guess) than the pancreas pain. Stinks to be nauseated too though..

    My doc does not understand it at all, but, even after a vitamin I.V. (C, magnesium, B12, I think were some, in it) I had a very 'sick' feeling in my bowels all bowels were 'nauseated' is the best way I can describe it...

    I will be thinking of you, as well as many on the board, (all) but, hoping there's a simple answer, & easy & cheap solution for you.


  9. sydneysider

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    I am fairly well aware of FM issues, and can confidently say that low iron is not a part of this disease.

    The people that I've known to be anemic have had other medical conditions. Fibroids is one that has not already been mentioned.

    One suggestion that I could make is that you take digestive enzymes before eating in case you are not absorbing nutrients from your food very well. Extra vitamin C can also help your body absorb more iron.

    I've just googled low iron stores, and although I found info that medical conditions that have already been mentioned here, can cause anemia, a lot of the info was dietary, so possibly improving diet may be the answer.

    Also, some foods, such as rye, and some uncooked grains can block absorption of iron. You may want to research this.

    Hope you get it sorted out.

    PS people who have normal iron levels should not take iron supplements, as too high iron levels are considered to be dangerous
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    way too low. He put me on 5,000 units a wk for 15 wks. He said he had heard at a seminar that low iron could mimic FM pain. It didnt help with my pain at all so either they are stretching{as usual} to find a reason why we hurt so bad, or I do have FM like 5 drs and my Rheumy treats me for with large amounts of pain meds.

    Any way, at the same time as taking the iron, I went to the outdoor pool at my YMCA at least 5 days a wk so that probably helped bring my level back to normal. I go back to my GP in Jan. and I will have him ck it again since I wont be out in the sun and he stopped the supplement.

    Did this help at all?


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