Is this really allergies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by katco, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. katco

    katco New Member

    If anyone else has the following problem, please write back.

    For the past few months I keep having these "allergy attacks". Keep in mind I just got retested for allergies and they are exactly the same as they were 25 years ago. I am allergic to most grasses, trees, etc, however, I have never had a problem mowing the grass (and I have 6 acres)!

    So, here lately, I have this feeling like my chest is constricted or something, sort of the same feeling you get when you are in your last stages of pregnancy and the baby has its feet in your ribs. Then, it started feeling like someone had their hands around my throat. Sometimes it feels like one or both ears are full and going to explode, I can't clear my throat, and sometimes my chin gets this itch in it that I can't get to. This happens several times a day everyday for the last 3-4 months.It may last a couple of hours to minutes each time.

    What I NEVER have is a sore throat, sneezing, itchy watery eyes.

    And what else is weird is that it moves from one side to the other. Like I may feel it coming on on the left side of my throat and ears and then it will be gone from the left but present on the right.

    I almost never have this problem at night, it doesnt wake me.

    I am very allergic to cats, if I get around them, I get that sort of itch in my chin, but it is always followed by an itchy sore throat and sneezing. Which isn't happening now.

    Please someone help, I feel like noone understands this, not even docs. Whats new there though, right?

    Oh yeah, I tried clarinex, gave me facial pain and headaches. And I tried symbicort which damn near killed me. I couldn't swallow or breath for what felt like forever. I failed to mention, I have weird reactions to medicines, which is why I haven't been trying everything a pharmacy has to offer.
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    Hi katco,
    I have allergies also,sounds to me that what you talk about is allergies(but I'm not an expert). It's my understanding our allergies can change--the symptoms or what we are allergic to. I am also allergic to grass, I get a tight chest,trouble breathing,sore,itchy, throat,sneezing,watery eyes,throat tightness,ear pain.You should talk to your DR. He knows you best and what meds. you can try. If he's not willing to help, consult another one.It's really trial and error with all medicine.Have some benadryl on hand when trying new meds. or get to ER if your throat is closing.You may have to carry a epi-pen just in case.I do.I have'nt had to use it and hope I never do,but it's there if I need it.I really have'nt found anything that helps much except avoidance and showering,and a nasal rinse.Which you can get at a pharmacy.I use this everyday.I do believe it helps.I also use REFRESH Plus eye drops. At times I also where a face mask. Hopes this helps! good luck! Robin
  3. kel78

    kel78 Member

    I was having a terrible time with those same symptoms (strangling feeling, congested throat, ear fullness, itchy chin) and eventually discovered that several foods were causing this. For me it was cow's milk dairy, peanut, broccoli, and peas -- all things I never in my life had a problem with! Some drugs and supplements have also caused these, and other, reactions (antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, cold medicines, valerian, st. john's wort...).

    It might be worth looking into whether some foods could be causing your problems. Best of luck!

  4. katco

    katco New Member

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for writing back....wanted to ask you how you found out you were allergic to these? I did the allergy testing where they prick you on your back and arms.....wasn't allergic to any food but corn. And they have told me this for years and years. I continued to eat foods with corn in them with no problem.

    My second question is, did you ever feel these things before you had eaten for the day? Like late at night I may feel better, go to bed, get up the next day and still feel ok (as far as these symptoms go, not all the other FMS symptoms) and then it will come back sometimes before I have eaten. So I am trying to figure out if that makes sense. Can a food your allergic to cause symptoms, then stop and come back without having ate again?

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Atlanta8

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    It sounds like asthma to me. I used to get a very similar thing over summer (due to hayfever) - do you have an inhaler? Ask your doc about prescribing one and see if it makes a difference. Or you could try some antihistamines and see if that helps?

    I used to get a horrible and painful cough, itchy chin, tight chest etc (as well as itchy ears and mouth), and the inhaler would help calm it down. Not too bad now thankfully.

    Perhaps your allergies have just got a bit worse, or your body isn't able to cope with them as well as it used to?

    Hope you get it sorted soon :)
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  6. kel78

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    Hi Kat,

    I had food allergy testing done through blood tests. The only thing I didn't react to at all was chicken, so I'm not sure how much these tests really mean. A lot of the foods I had a high reaction to don't give me any noticeable trouble.

    I found out what foods were bothering me by eliminating something for a while to see if the symptoms stopped and then re-introducing the food to see if the symptoms came back. The phlegm in the throat was constant until I cut out cow's milk dairy, and I'd wake up every morning with an extremely dry and sore throat. The strangling sensation would usually only happen after I'd eaten something - although it can also happen even now if I get anxious, which makes me wonder if the food sensitivity was causing an anxiety reaction (much like drugs do to me). My throat wasn't actually closing and I had no trouble breathing during these episodes, so it didn't seem like asthma; it just felt like someone had their hands around my neck. I was tested for asthma because I get episodes of chest tightness and pain and a feeling that I can't take in enough air, but the tests were negative.

    I'm hoping this might all be a temporary thing while I'm going through perimenopause and that some day I'll be able to go back to eating these foods. But there's no guarantee of that.

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