Is this the fatigue that goes with FMS?

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  1. kar1953

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    I apologize in advance for the long post.

    I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is the fatigue part of FMS. I was just dx'd. in Feb. so am new to all this. I am hoping someone can tell me. Here's how it started:

    A month ago I went back to work (school bus driver) part time - morning run only. I did this for 2 weeks. The first week was rough but I made it through. The second week was much easier. The third week we were on spring break. This week when I went back I was to work MWF half days & T TH full days. I did the full day Tuesday and was so exhausted when I got home even with a nap between routes. Yesterday (Wed.) I worked my half day, came home & was soooooo tired. I lay down for a nap at 1:30 & when my husband got home at 5:15 he had to wake me up. He made dinner, I ate & slept another hour. Made myself get up. Was back in bed at 9:30 & only woke 3 times during the night & overslept this morn by 1/2 hour. This morning when I came home I lay down & slept for 2 hrs & still have no energy.

    Now for the scarey part - when my husband came home yesterday & woke me up I just felt like I couldn't even get up by myself. He had to swing my legs off the couch (I couldn't move them)& put his arms around me & help me to stand. My legs felt like lead & hurt. At therapy they said my legs have gained much strength in the past month. Today I worked this morning, but took off the afternoon.

    This has happened 2 times before this, but I finally was able to get up by myself . But this time I couldn't.

    Is this what the fatigue is like? I am wondering if I am pushing too hard to get back to full time work. My doc wanted me to take the rest of the year off & I begged him to let me try half days, then 2 full days per week. I tried to get in to see my doc but he's on vacation this week & I can't get in till May 9th. They said they would call me if they have a cancellation. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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    It sure sounds like fatigue. When I get it I just want to stay in bed, not move and just wait it out. I feel like I have the flu and am so weak that my body and mind is out to lunch!

    Maybe you went back to work too soon, your doctor might be right on this one. You could be pushing yourself too hard.

    I have Fibro, not CFS which is worst with the fatigue. Mine lasts for a few days only, but the CFS patients mostly live with the fatigue all the time.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. kar1953

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    Thanks for the response. Hope my fatigue lasts only a few days like yours does. Don't think I could handle that too many days in a row. I just feel like I have to force myself to even open my eyeballs!!

    Thanks again.......Kathi
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    Bumpity Bump!!!
  5. leokat

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    it sounds like FMS fatigue.

    Hi Kathi - sorry to hear that you're having to deal with it right now.

    I had fatigue for years before I got the pain symptoms. People who've never experienced it have no idea what it's like. For me the most frightening thing is when I 'crash' - that is when my fatigue keeps on getting worse even though I'm resting. It feels like falling into a pit I'm never going to get out of. Fortunately, at the moment my fatigue seems to be under (relative) control.

    All I can suggest is that you pace yourself. This means taking things easy and resting up BEFORE the fatigue gets bad. My rule of thumb is half the maximum amount of doing stuff I think I can manage and twice as much rest as I think I need. As things get better I am able to increase the doing stuff time and decrease the resting up time. If I do overdo it (as it sounds like you have) I MUST rest until things improve or in my experience things will continue to get worse.

    However, I must stress that people with FMS are all individuals and need to work out what's best for them. Some need a long period of total inactivity before doing anything. Others need to push themselves. Hopefully, if you have a good doctor you can work through this with him when he gets back. In the mean time try to be kind to yourself and do go see someone else if you feel the need.

    Take Care

  6. Aisling13

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    I have many days where I literally want to pull my car over and sleep. I used to try to go to the mall and after an hour I would be dizzy and disoriented. I just wanted to sleep! Sometimes I get confused about what lane I should be in. Somedays I can't remember if I just ran a red light or if the light was green. When I actually try to sleep I usually can't because I am active by nature and I want to be up and doing something. I also try not to sit down because when I do I hurt so bad I can hardly stand it. Lately I have a lot of leg pain especaill my knees. The only thing that helps is if I go to bed ontime and take something to help me sleep. The fatigue is unreal.
  7. Sissy123

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    I have been having fatigue attacks so bad lately that I have to make myself get up and when I finally do I almost pass out. I walk like a drunk to my bed and just lay there. Alot of the time I dont even sleep I just lay there. It feels like something is sucking the life out of my body. I have been trying to walk to over come it but usually during the afternoon I get it anyway. I dont know what can be done about it or I would have done it by now. I have had this many years and still dont know of anything yet. I have the leg thing too. My legs get sooooo tired that I feel I cant even stand on them. They hurt when I am sitting and are so weak. I hope we can find something that will help us soon. Sis
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    Thanks to all with your suggestions. I know everyone - including my therapist & doc says to "pace yourself". I'm finding that is the hardest thing to do with this DD. I'm a real go-getter, don't let any grass grow under my feet kind of person & this has really stopped me cold. And is scaring the hell out of me (& my hubby).

    Leo, your suggestions sound very sensible. I think either Shirl or Mikie had told me once to do either 1/2 or if I must 1/3 what I think I can do. Apparently I don't follow directions well :)

    This morning I woke on my own with no grogginess, so maybe the worst is over this time. At least I'll know what it is the next time & knowing me there probably will be a next time!

  9. Jackie41

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    I don't have the overall fatigue as much as the tired and weak legs that don't want to support me. When this happens, I have to use a pair of forearm crutches to walk. The weakness can come on suddenly and usually will last the rest of the day and the next day I can usually walk without crutches. This only happens a few times per month but it can happen very quickly. One day last fall, I had an attack at a mall and could barely get back to my car, so for the last 7 months, I've been using the crutches whenever I go anywhere. It was a big adjustment to make but I feel a lot more secure this way. Does this sound anything like what you've experienced with leg weakness?


  10. kar1953

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    The tiredness & weakness is in my whole body - not just legs. Although it was worse in my legs - I couldn't stand up without support from my husband - very scarey to me.

    My sister was here today. She has fms also, she said she has had days like that & once she was alone & couldn't even get too the phone. She said after about 3 hrs. she was able to get as far as the phone & call someone for help.

    Thanks for your response...........Kathi