Is this true regarding Lyme testing?

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    When I went to see my doctor on monday, we were trying to figure out which tests to run. I mentioned to him that I'd like to be tested via western blot for Lyme. He said that western blot is not done as a screening, and that it is only done when the ELISA test comes back positive. However, I've heard others here say they've had the western blot done before.

    So was my doctor just feeding me a line to get me to shut up about it? Or is it true that it's only done after the ELISA comes back positive.

    He also said that after being sick for this long, if it were Lyme I'd have alot more neurological and rheumatological symptoms, such as bells palsy and fluid in the joints, neither of which I have.

    Oh well, If all the tests on this latest batch of bloodwork come back negative, I've got a big decision to make. Either I can try with my ID doc one more time and demand that he test for other possible causes. Or, I'm going to start over with a new PCP and new ID doc.

    Unfortunately, I had to cancel the FFC appointment, because with neither doctor agreeing to write the script for it the blood work, it's just going to cost more than I can afford.

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    What your Doc may have meant is that is the procedure
    used by the Institution he is affiliated with.
    I'm also will be getting a Lyme Test soon here in Calif-
    ornia. My undrstanding is that the Eastern Test is dif-
    ferent from the one used on the West Coast(??) Not sure
    if WEstern Blot is only done on the West Coast.

    You might "switch over" to the LYme Site on this Website
    for better responses to your questions. I am going to
    do the Igenex Test which is considered the "most Accur-
    ate"and respected. Igenex has a website you can refer
    to. Leaved in the Sierra for years and my adult Daughter
    has had the disease for a long time and I may be experien
    -cing a latent reaction. Hope also to know with some de-
    gree of ceertainty soon.

    Best wishes Kim,

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