Is this usual for IBS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jerzygal, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. jerzygal

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    I have had the following episodes about 6 times this past year, having CFS for about 9 years. During the evening hours and sometimes after midnight, I will have to rush to the bathroom where I have a normal appearing bm. But in a few minutes I have to return where the stool is looser and one more time when it is watery. And that's it. The next day usually by noon, I am experiencing very painful abdominal spasms, my lower stomach is sore and there is some lower back pain(below waist) as well. This pain and soreness will last at least 2 days. There is just that one bm episode, no further stools, no nausea.

    I eat an excellent brand of bran cereal everyday for years which normally is very effective to keep my stools normal.

    Can anyone explain what is causing this to happen?
    Thank you, Jerzygal
  2. AllWXRider

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    Candida is a yeast. It's present in everyone's colon. Yeasts and bacteria compete for space and keep each other in check. If you take an anti-biotic, it kills both the good and bad bacteria. The yeasts can take over AND if you have a "sweet tooth" the sugar will really feed them.

    Healthy bacteria (Probiotics) like lactobacillius (butter milk) and acidophilus (yogurt) crowd out the yeasts and bad bacteria like E. Coli. They also make systemic enzymes that help dissolve scar tissue, lower inflammation and eat the isoprin coating of viruses. Last I've seen, there are 10 known healthy strains of bacteria at the health food stores and websites.

    Watch the sugar and try probiotics. I've tried drinking buttermilk...I AM a WIMP!
  3. jerzygal

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    Will the probiotics cause diarrhea? I am lactose intolerant and while I know that eating yogurt is healthy, it will cause me diarrhea.
    Thank you so much...Jerzygal
  4. z2rus

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    1. Consider celiac disease test. Or simply try to be strictly gluten free at least for a couple of weeks.
    CFS actually can be undiagnosed celiac disease. Both share common immune issues and symptom such as brain fog. Wish celiac be my case but it’s not. In spite of the fact that I regularly had abdominal pain and watery stool. For me it is zinc supplements or high zinc containing food.

    2. Consider colon study – there is even uninvasive version. That can rule out Crohn and other colon problems.

    3. look here really great place.
  5. tandy

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    For me probiotics have made me more regular having IBS for yrs and yrs.
    I get the same episodes as you.
    a little more diareah tho.

    But it does start out with a normal or almost slight
    constipation,...followed by looser BM.
    Sometimes it'll hit me and I'll go about 5-6 times in a day. All the while having stomach cramps/tenderness,sore back and groin pains.
    (goes into my legs too) well, legs get very weak,achey.
    I even feel wiped out for a day or 2.

    When and if you do start a probiotic, take the lowest amount per day.
    I think overall probiotics have helped my IBS.
    (although I do still get attacks but not as frequent)
    Hope this helps :)
  6. ladykew

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    I've been to doctor after doctor, specialist one after another, can't tell you how many colonoscopies I've had, and it's IBS.

    My symptoms are yours exactly. My GI doctor is treating mine with Konsyl, a powdered fiber that you mix with water. You get it at Walmart. This has been the best remedy for IBS that I've ever found!

    Once you're on it regularly for several days, you will experience a whole new difference with normal stools, every day.

    Drink it with lots of water. The more water throughout the day, the better. You'll be glad you did. He also gave me some generic brand pills for Levsin that control the terrible, unbearable cramps you sometimes get.

    Good luck. I hope you try it. I was skeptical; Now I'm an advocate. I tell everyone about it! I had IBS-C for so many years I can't even remember, now it's normal in every way.

    If you try it, please post and let us know how it worked for you!


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