Is this viable alterntaive to whey protein for glutatihiane?

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    A friend from this board sent me a site which i guess i can't post per rules, the post was by J. Bentley who may have posted on this board, DOES anyone know is this a viable alternative to the milk whey protein isolates for glutithiane, whey - i have trouble taking it hurts stomach and frankly can't stay up long enough to fit it in on empty stomach, i do good to try and eat twice daily due to bedridden and the severity of my cfs

    ANy answers would be appreciated. Paul mark in KY

    posted by J. Bentley to ROb

    HI Rob,

    We consistantly see normal liver enzyme levels for
    Hepatitis B and C in about 4-5 seeks by supporting the
    body in (1) getting the gluthathione levels up as soon
    as possible using something that does it naturally and
    not by manipulation. Taking any form of "reduced
    glutathione" doesn't work naturally or very well. (2)
    About 21 tablespoons per day in spring water of an
    authentic stabilized rice bran complex that has had
    most of the fiber centrifuged out of it so it doesn't bulk
    up in the body. (3) 5 sprays in the mouth 2 times per
    day of Cytolog.

    from: (moderator delete this site if i can't post it) i don't sell anything PM

    from Keep Hope Alive

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    No, this is fine, but I'm deleting this person's e-mail address as he may not want it made public. I know you are not selling anything.

    What is the name of this stuff which is supposed to be better than the whey? Is it the Cytolog? It's OK to mention it.

    I went to the website and it's another MLM which promises a lot. I am always very skeptical of these claims.

    Love, Mikie

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    I was interested to see what you were posting about whey protein for glutathione level increase. I have CFIDS and have been reading all of Dr. Cheney's articles here. I bought some whey protein powder and after 3 days of 1/2 scoop in water all my symptoms increased dramatically so I quit taking it. I was telling another board member about my experience and this is what she shared with me. Maybe it will help you.

    She wrote to me:
    I was reading, today, about Detoxication, in general, from a book recommended by Nink..It is really interesting, and I came across how important the Glutathione is as a major dextoxifier. According to it, you don't
    have to get Glutathione from only the protein powder
    ..Vitamin C (500mg to l000-3000mg/day in divided doses) can increase Glutathione Conjugation in your body, as well, as eating the following foods: Asparagus, avocadoes, walnuts, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, dill and caraway seeds. I guess that you know that oral glutathione, in supplement form, is not a good source and that is why Cheney indicated that we need the whey powder....Hope this helps if you can't tolerate the powder.

    Maybe you have already read this but just in case it may help you out I thought I'd share it with you. I can eat avocadoes & steamed asparagus, cabbage & broccoli so I am eating more of it and of course I do take the vit. C three seperate times a day. I'm avoiding nuts & seeds because they have arginine which feeds mycoplasma. Don't know if I have it - but everytime I eat nuts & seeds I get a headache & swollen brain feelings. Sorry to hear you are so sick and hoping you begin to feel stronger soon. Best to you. CLD
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    NO i don't even know what cytolog is i just read the post a friend sent me,

    celtic lady you said nuts and seeds feed mycoplasma

    i think it was klutzo or someone posted on mycoplasma that pumpkin sesame and sunflower seeds don't and have good nutritional benefits, IS this so,

    is there any proof these seed or for that matter NUTs feed mycoplasma?

    Just asking thanks PM
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    the mycoplasma is what I have seen posted here. Later someone mentioned that seeds also have arginine in them. Then later someone posted that our bodies require a certain amount of arginine. Even whey protein powder has arginine but Dr. Nicholson said that it was more beneficial than harmful in that regard. So I think you have to do a balancing act with arginine producing foods. Hope this helps answer your question. I'm not doing so good this morning so I need to go lay down now. Take care and hope you have a better day. Blessing to you. CLD
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    Even though I have chronic mycoplasma infection. I agree that the benefits far outweight the risk of feeding the bacteria. I am on the Doxycycline, so I doubt the mycoplasmas are able to access the agrinine as the Doxy starves them out of their cells.

    This is a very interesting thread because it seems for everything we do to get better, there's a flip side which works against us. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. I guess we have to decide between the lesser of two evils.

    Love, Mikie
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    to whey for getting your glutathione up. The SAMe supplement does that. It increases glutathione. Its best known for its ability to help with mood, but is also used for hepatitis as it helps the liver ( I have an interesting article on this if you want more detail.) It is also effective with pain so it is also used for osteoarthritis and for fibromyalgia. A friend of mine just started it (and she hardly ever finds anything that helps that she can tolerate) and is delighted that it helps both with her migraines and FMS. Be sure to buy a good qualilty one ; it must have special coating so it doesn't break down too soon.
    It is not cheap but they have a good price here at Pro Health. Also you have to experiment with the dosage; some need a lot more than others. Let me know what you think.

    Hope it helps. You seem pretty sick.
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    N-Acetyl Cysteine caps - 1 3 times a day
    Q10 - 30ms twice day
    Evening Primrose oil 1-2 grams per day

    Rebecca X