Is this working for anyone

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by SharonR, May 10, 2002.

  1. SharonR

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    Has anyone been on this regime and is it working?
    Which product is most beneficial for CFS?
  2. sfhealthgal

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    Hi Sharon!
    I've been using transfer factor and I've successfully gotton rid of alleriges, colds, throat infections and lots of sore joints and muscles. I know several people who have had success with the TF in conjunction with a product specially formulated for Fibromyalgia & CFS called Fibro AMJ. Good luck Sharon! Hope to hear from you to share more insight!

  3. sdjones03

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    Hello Sharon,
    I have a herbalist physician in South Carolina who has been treating me for Epstein-Barr Virus for the last two months. I have been sick with Chronic Fatigue for four years, but, just found out what was wrong about 6 months ago. I have tried everything that is out for this condition and although it might have helped a little bit, the symptoms were still there.
    Then about 3 weeks ago he telephoned me about 'Formula 540' that he gets from the Bahama Islands. He said that the product is stronger from this place. And he told me that they had one especially for EBV. So I ordered a bottle of 30 capsules from him which he told me to take 3 caps. 45 minutes before breakfast for 10 days. The bottle cost me $79.95 and I haven't been able to work for the four years that I've been sick, so I had to borrow the money from my family. I was hesitant about buying it. I had high hopes that it would help me, but, then when you don't have much money, you feel apprehensive about spending that much for something if it should not work.
    I finished the bottle and didn't notice anything right away. However, this past Thursday when I got up in the morning I wasn't feeling as bad. I was noticeable clearer in my mind, the fatigue wasn't as bad, and I was able to get through the day without going back to bed. I have never been able to do that before. So, I have to believe that it did something for me, otherwise I wouldn't be feeling better. Dr. McCraw told me that I would probably need 2 bottles to eleminate the virus and I believe that's about right with regards to how I feel.

  4. gbean

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    Hi there,
    I noticed that transfer factor helped you.
    I am suffereing terribly with fibromyalgia. I have had it for thirteen years and have tried several things from special diets, vitamins, herbs and antibiotic therapy to try and help. I'm now on guaifenesin with no success. I got some transfer factor yesterday and I took loads of it. I'm talking like thirty of the pills. Today I've had about 15 pills. I have felt no improvement. How long did it take transfer factor to help you and at what dose. How long have you had fibo?
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Gena Castanon