Is TREMBLING CFS or Neurological?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by rhythm, May 18, 2009.

  1. rhythm

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    I'm a 55-yr. old male who's had CFS for about 3 years. Onset followed a bad flu, never got well, deep fatigue and sick feeling every day since,. getting progressively worse each week/month.

    The main symptoms have been the classic CFS ones: deep-to-extreme fatigue, feeling like I always have the flu, overall body soreness (especially upper back, shoulders and arms), brain not as clear, etc.

    Lately there have been a few new symptoms that make me wonder if I'm dealing with CFS or more of a neurological disorder. I experience an inner trembling, mostly in legs, sometimes upper body, that makes my legs feel rubbery and unsure when I'm walking, like they're so weak & shaky they're going to give out under me. They haven't yet, I still walk OK, but they feel that way inside, and it's an internal trembling, you don't see any outer shaking or involuntary movement. Also one arm (left arm) has become constantly painful, the kind of soreness you'd feel if you really pulled or dislocated your arm & shoulder, and it's been that way non-stop for over 4 months. Chiropractor said nothing wrong with the muscles-tendons, pain was "higher-order" based (meaning coming from my brain, not the arm itself.) Additionally, I'm now having regular bouts of anxiety and panic, even when no sudden new stressor enters my scene, even when I'm just relaxing at home.

    So I'm trying to determine of there's a neurological basis for these new symptoms and maybe even for the whole illness. The extra weakness and trembling and pain in one extremity could possibly be included in a description of some other neuro disorders like Parkinsons or MS, but I'm not manifesting any of the other obvious symptoms those diseases usually present with, so I've tended to rule them out. Advice is appreciated, or if you know of a good practitioner able who seems to be able to differentiate between CFS and neuro illnesses, thanks.
  2. ultrastiff

    ultrastiff New Member

    See a doctor and tell them about this. It may be nothing. It may be something. Sometimes when really bad off I get a bit shaky. The panic attack and trembly combined would be a good reason to get some doctors advise.

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